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Everything You Need to Accelerate Your Dental Practice

If you are searching for dental consulting, one of two things is likely happening:

1. Business is great – but you feel you’ve hit a plateau
2. Business has slowed down – you are not where you want to be

We understand. Our co-founders, Dr. Bruce Baird and Vicki McManus are practice owners themselves.

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The Average Dentist

Doing fairly well, but stress and overhead are high

  • Works 134 hours/month
  • Takes 2 weeks of vacation
  • Personally produces $400,000
  • Works 1,600 hours/year
  • Produces $250/hour

Accelerate Production

The Productive Dentist

A high achiever that has plateaued

  • Works 100 hours/month
  • Takes 10 weeks of vacation
  • Personally produces $1,500,000
  • Works 1,200 hours/year
  • Produces $1,250/hour

Reach the Next Level

What types of challenges does the Academy solve?

In 2008, Dr. Peter L. Thompson of Portales, NM was producing $1,000 per hour. While successful, he wanted to correct inefficiencies and soar to new heights.

Dr. Thompson joined the Academy coaching program and has since more than doubled production! He says he owes it to Academy Coaching and Marketing Services.

PETER THOMPSON, DDS | Portales, New Mexico

More Client Success

Productivity Workshop

Productive Dentist Academy’s Productivity Workshop is a total immersion, 2- to 3-day program designed for doctors and teams who want to consistently produce $1,250/hour — in any geographic market. Yes, even in your area! We will not only prove this to you during the program, we’ll show you exactly how dentists just like you do it, and we’ll show you in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step fashion.

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