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Grow an Investment Grade Dental Practice™ You (And Your Patients) Love

Patient Experience
Team Engagement
Team Skills

Mastering the patient experience is more than providing clinical excellence.

As a dentist and business owner, it's simple, but not easy.
There are some obstacles in your way...

Do you feel exhausted because...
  • Wearing multiple hats demands my full attention
  • Employee disfunction & drama drains my energy
  • No-shows and cancellations hurt the practice
  • Case acceptance isn't where I need it to be
  • As a leader I feel isolated and alone
  • Too many nights spent doing admin. work
  • Financials and overhead make my head spin
  • Team follow-through is inconsistent
  • Fighting to attract patients right for me
  • I'm ready to grow... I just don't know how

If you said yes to more than three, you have a problem.

We can help you!

PDA supports dentists by sharing proven methods that advance dental practices through business and team consulting, dental marketing, and learning services you can count on to clarify your vision and propel your business forward.

Take Assessment

Are limiting beliefs holding you back?

You may be an established dentist that's hit a plateau, or fresh into dental practice ownership looking for a solid foundation. Whether you are expanding your service mix, considering an associate, or getting ready to gear up an exit strategy, growing an investment grade practice is possible.

How do you define success?

It matters. This is the compass that sets the course for your journey. Leverage our proven methods to live your dream today, rather than just dreaming about tomorrow.

How We Help

PDA Doctors improve the health of over 8,000,000 worldwide.

Hear their stories of personal growth and transformation.

Dr. Nikki Green
Dr. Nikki Green
Your Dream & Your Team

  • Clarifying your vision and goals

  • Taking care of your team after a crisis

  • Using CE to mold your vision

Dr. Max Thaney
Dr. Max Thaney
You "Budget" Believe It

  • Know where your money is going

  • How to manage debt

  • Key features of a budget

Dr. Tessa Miller
Dr. Tessa Miller
Marketing to Control Budget

  • Doubling new patient flow

  • Navigating a saturated market

  • How to be congruent with marketing

Dr. Ryan Oakley
Dr. Ryan Oakley
The Dentist Wears Gucci

  • How to walk patients to self-realization

  • Best practices for follow-up calls

  • The power of referrals

Dr. Gwen Buck
Dr. Gwen Buck
Dental Grit

  • Patient communication strategies

  • Using marketing for momentum

  • How to make smart decisions in your practice

Dr. Kent Smith
Dr. Kent Smith
Sleep On It

  • Best practices for billing special services

  • How sleep medicine decreases PPOs

  • Growing the sleep portion of your practice

Dr. Jeff Buske
Dr. Jeff Buske
Scarcity and Abundance

  • Mindset contributions

  • Reality and perception

  • Influencing through thought process

Dr. Sarina Harman-Tinnel
Dr. Sarina Harman-Tinnel
Get Your Mojo Back

  • Rising above daily stress

  • Methods for fueling motivation

  • Reclaiming leadership in the practice

Dr. Paul Etchison
Dr. Paul Etchison
Rewording Screws & Chasing Rabbits

  • Increasing case acceptance

  • Creating great patient rapport

  • Choosing words for effective communication

Dr. Darren Webber
Dr. Darren Webber
Business Planning to Your Dreams

  • Removing limiting beliefs

  • Implementing actionable strategies

  • Regaining control and dreaming big

Dr. Joe Blalock
Dr. Joe Blalock
Hope & Laughter

  • How to protect yourself from being jaded

  • Building strong patient relationships

  • Mistakes to avoid when building a start-up

Diagnose the health of your business today

Request an absolutely FREE Investment Grade Practice™ Consultation to understand the risk factors affecting your business today.

Receiving an Investment Grade Practice(TM) Consultation is like a comprehensive treatment plan. It dives into the key pillars of your business, showing you the areas where you are creating success, and more importantly, where your business will benefit with the right focus.

Just like a comprehensive treatment plan, building an investment grade practice requires a 360 degree view. Instantly see where you create success, and key areas you an focus for improved results.

Don't wait until the silent killers in your business become too painful to bear. Discover today where you stand with these key pillars:

  • Productivity
  • Patient Retention
  • Case Acceptance
  • New Patient Attraction
  • Team Engagement
  • Market Presence

Grow Your Investment Grade Business in 3 Steps

Diagnose the Health of your Practice
Understand the Risk Factors and Measurable Targets
Activate a Comprehensive Treatment Plan