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April 3rd, 2018

The 60 Million Dollar Woman

Exclusive limited-time opportunity to have one of dentistry’s most productive Business Development Coaches assess your practice

Hi everyone, Chris Moriarity, VP of Business Development at Productive Dentist Academy here. Just recently I had the honor to interview our own Patti Sooy, VP of Business & Program Development. Patti is often referred to as “The 60 Million Dollar Woman”. In her career, she has coached dental practices across the United States to massively increase their productivity, improve systems, empower teams, and achieve financial peace. She has worked with every kind of dental office out there and understands dentistry from many perspectives.

I’d like to invite you to do a couple things: watch our interview below, read what Patti has to say about coaching practices to greatness, and reserve a Practice Discovery with her. Read to the end for a special offer!

By Patti Sooy, RDH-BS, VP of Business & Program Development

I love doing assessments. For me it’s one of the best things about coaching dentists and their teams. I like visiting with doctors and finding out where they are right now. It’s invigorating to get to know them, see what their practices are like, and then look at the numbers – debt, overhead, and goals – and work with them to determine a course of action to lower everyone’s stress and raise the bottom line.

As a coach, I pay attention to what is working in practices across the country. And in my 30+ years in dentistry as an owner and coach, I’ve honed in on the top pain points for dentists and their teams as well as the most effective solutions.

Overhead & The Bottom Line

When I first entered the world of dental office ownership, one of the first things that hit my radar was the concern for overhead and what the office had to produce to meet those overhead costs. And what I had to collect to cover those costs. So that became my focus every day I was in the office.

  • New Doctors. New practice owners have a few special needs as well in regard to their bottom line. They come out with so much debt from dental school. And then they’re looking at more debt if they buy into a practice. So their focus is on getting out of debt. They want to learn, but the problem is when you’re so focused on the money, the focus moves away from patient care and managing the office team.
  • Second Phase Doctors. These established doctors are usually past worrying about the press of their school debt and are now focused on managing their time. They want to take a breath, focus on family, and taking a vacation. For dentists in this point of their career, it’s about controlling the scheduling and focusing on productivity, so you can live the life you want.

It’s All About Relationships

I’ve heard it all, but strategies change very little. The most successful dentists are comfortable with their relationships with people. It’s vital that you are comfortable talking about dentistry in a way that’s not overwhelming and shows the patient that you are interested in helping them get healthy. When you do that, it doesn’t matter what type of practice you’re in, people are going to gravitate toward you. So, in coaching, we work on relationships a lot, and then of course systems and processes.

Train Your Team

You will have days where your stress is at a nine out of ten. You need to see that bottom line move! But, one of the most important things you can do as a business owner is train your team and your doctors. When I first owned a practice, I was working with an associate as well as the rest of the office team, and I was living 3,000 miles (really 3,000 miles?) away. In order for them to function as an effective team, I had to create a set of daily expectations to hold them accountable to certain standards and what they were expected to do. This set them up to win since they knew what I expected of them before the day began.

Spring Into Fall – Good Through April Only

I would love to help you accomplish your business goals. So I’ve put together this special for the month of April. With Spring Into Fall, you get the proven combination of a Coaching Discovery, Business Coaching, Productivity Workshop, In-Office Training, and much more.

Sign up now! This is a limited offer good for only 15 practices and ends May 1. With Spring Into Fall, you get:

        • A Coaching Discovery with Patti Sooy, one of dentistry’s most successful coaches
        • 2.5 day Productivity Workshop for 2
        • 12 months of business development coaching
        • In-office observation and team training
        • Production, Case Acceptance, P&L Financial coaching
        • Marketing Plan
        • More!

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