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January 21st, 2020

The Fruits of Productivity: Connecting with Your Community

Doing Good While Doing Good is a core tenet at Productive Dentist Academy. We believe that one of the biggest payoffs of productivity is the ability to connect with others and engage in activities that create a positive impact in the world.

“Tend to your garden and you will receive a great bounty,” states Regan Robertson, President & CMO of Productive Dentist Academy. “Co-Founders Dr. Bruce B. Baird and Victoria Peterson have shown us the secret to having a thriving practice with lower stress. And that is to be generous in whatever way you can, be it knowledge, a helpful hand, or financial support.”

Are you eager to connect with your community but aren’t sure where to start?

“The key is finding something you’re passionate about,” states PDA Brand Strategist Robyn Damaris. “And while sometimes that includes dentistry, sometimes it doesn’t. Are you passionate about veterans? Host a free dental care day for vets. Are you an avid motorcyclist? Sponsor a motorcycle tour. Do you love dogs? One of our doctors helped construct a neighborhood dog park and included a local bakery to produce custom dog biscuits for the opening block party.”

The goal is to do something that helps the community connect with the dental practice and see them as people first that live and breathe in the same community they live in. Finding common ground is an exceptional way to support what you are passionate about, make a positive impact, and ultimately your business will benefit.

Do you have a unique way you connect to your community by Doing Good? We’d love to hear about it. Send us an email at to let us know the ways you practice Doing Good While Doing Good in your community. We’d love the opportunity to celebrate your efforts and share ideas with fellow dentists that are looking for ideas to connect in their own community.

Here are some of the groups Productive Dentist Academy is passionate about supporting:

Zimbabwe for Epworth

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