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November 20th, 2020

Foundational Pillar #2: Team Engagement

Dr. Bruce B. Baird and Dental Assistant and PDA Faculty Member Sommer Carrol

Strong team engagement is one of the hottest topics in dentistry today just as it was a hundred years ago.

You can have a great philosophy of care, shiny new office, and a stream of new patients, but if you don’t have a team that’s engaged and running on all cylinders, it’s going to be extremely difficult getting anything done.

Team engagement is one of the soft skills that’s the hardest to master. Over and under correcting as a leader is common, with disasters at both ends of the spectrum.

“Do you want to be friends with everyone on your team? No. Do you want to be a boss-hole? No,” explains Dr. Bruce B. Baird. “What great team engagement really comes down to is leadership that listens and understands each individual.”

Do you ever experience:

  • Differences in team personalities
  • Team resisting new protocols and techniques
  • Hand-off confusion and team turnover

Maybe some days you want to avoid your team all together!

The truth is, no dental practice (or business) is immune to the pitfalls that occur when a group of people come together almost daily. As leaders though, it’s our job – and responsibility – to create an environment that we enjoy showing up to every day.

Dr. Baird explains, “As I look back on forty years in dentistry, looking at my own leadership abilities, communication, and understanding the individuals on my team makes taking great care of patients so much easier.”

Sometimes the best solutions feel counterintuitive. On a recent episode of The Productive Dentist Podcast, Dr. Baird provides his insight and experience in gaining a super star team that is fully engaged, committed, and eager to support your long-term goals.

Get Team Buy-In By Enrolling in
PDA Business Impact: Foundations Program Early Bird VIP Access

How would it feel to improve your productivity by $50-$100 an hour before the New Year? Productive dentists that consistently produce 3-4x the national average (even during a pandemic) have three things in common when it comes to generating year over year growth in the practice:

  1. A well-defined philosophy of care
  2. A clear business roadmap
  3. An easy way to get team buy-in

Productive Dentist Academy is offering something we’ve never done before to give you access to the exact proven methods you need to jumpstart productivity today — not months or years from now.

Recent PDA Business Impact: Foundations Program participant Dr. Brad Moss explains,

Brad Moss“I think this program is RIGHT ON THE MARK! I feel my staff is such an integral part of my practice’s foundation and right now they are on unstable ground.

By becoming a better leader, my actions can act as piers that support them through the tough times. Together we can lead our patients to better health.”

– Dr. Brad Moss

Beginning January 14th we are kicking off our third PDA Business Impact: Foundations Program and during the month of November we are providing special Early Bird VIP access.

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