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December 4th, 2020

Foundational Pillar #3: The Patient Journey

Most dentists are so busy serving patients and running the business that observing the practice from a patient’s point of view is just not a top of mind priority. But it can actually make or break the long-term success of your practice.

And similar to unconscious selective attention, like our brains choosing to filter out the sight of our own noses, business owners run the risk of consciously eliminating poor patient experiences by simply being selectively blind to daily activity.

“Years ago I used to not want laughing in my office,” explains Dr. Bruce B. Baird. “But when I stopped and looked at it from a patient’s point of view, I wanted to hear people enjoying themselves. I wanted to hear great chatter and happy people.”

When was the last time you observed your practice from a patient’s point of view?

What does the patient see when they search for your dental practice online:

  • Do you have online patient reviews?
  • Is your website easy to access?
  • Are your office hours, address, and phone number consistent?

When you drive into your parking lot:

  • Is your exterior signage easy to read and see?
  • Does the building look modern and up to date? Is the paint chipped?
  • Are the bushes trimmed? Is the lawn mowed?
  • Are the parking lot lines bold and clear, or faded and patchy?

When you walk through the front door:

  • What do you smell?
  • What do you hear?
  • Are the waiting room magazines up to date?

The ugly truth is you are being judged from the moment a patient calls your office, drives into your parking lot, and walks through the front door. Every intersection in your patient’s journey provides powerful input to the patient’s brain, telling them what type of care they can expect when they finally make it into your chair.

You deserve a patient experience that matches the 5-Star clinical service you provide.

In this recent episode of The Productive Dentist Podcast, Dr. Baird shares how to see your practice in a new light so you can quickly identify opportunities to level-up your patient experience to equal the quality of care you provide.

Shift Your Perspective By Enrolling in
PDA Business Impact: Foundations Program

Productive dentists that consistently produce 5-Star patient experiences and massive raving fans have three things in common when it comes to generating year over year growth in the practice:

  1. A well-defined philosophy of care
  2. A clear business plan and patient journey map
  3. An easy way to get team buy-in

Productive Dentist Academy is offering something we’ve never done before to give you access to the exact proven methods you need to jumpstart productivity today — not months or years from now.

Recent PDA Business Impact: Foundations Program participant Dr. Darren Webber explains,

“This course made me think about things in a different way and got me to think about things I just hadn’t thought of before.

Dental schools do such an injustice to their students by teaching them only dental techniques…This course should be taught, even if to a smaller degree, to every dental student! I can’t imagine the trajectory of my dental career if I had started with a business mindset. I would have been such a better leader, boss and businessman in my earlier years.

Highly recommend this course!!!”

– Dr. Darren Webber

Beginning January 14th we are kicking off our third PDA Business Impact: Foundations Program.  Sign up for this 8-week interactive program and receive Dr. Bruce B. Baird’s “Pearls of Productivity” On Demand BONUS and $700 OFF Tuition.

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