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December 21st, 2020

Foundational Pillar #6: Building Your 2-Year Dental Business Plan

According to Dr. Mark Williamson, a whopping 96% of people admit to living on autopilot. And if you’re anything like most other dentists this year, planning was the first thing to go out the window, and being in daily survival mode was the new normal. Looking ahead to 2021, steady and predictable growth in dentistry is possible, but it won’t just happen. Just like success, generating growth in the dental practice is an intentional act.

Dr. Bruce B. Baird, cosmetic dentist and co-Founder of Productive Dentist Academy shares, “You can’t just say ‘I want to grow 10% next year’ and expect it to happen. It all has to be part of a plan that has actionable steps along the way. Some people get there by luck, but I don’t want to rely on luck. I want to be intentional about where I’m going.”

In fact, studies find that business owners and leaders who craft plans for their businesses grow their companies 30% faster than leaders who don’t plan.

Think about your goals as a dentist and business owner and ask yourself:

  1. Where do I want to be in 2 years?
  2. What goals can I confidently be 100% committed to achieving?
  3. What can I delegate responsibilities to my team to support my success?

“If you want to be successful,” explains Dr. Baird, “You have to be committed to being successful.”

Where focus goes, energy flows. If you have no North Star, your energy will still be used, albeit haphazardly, with inconsistent results and no clear destination. Being intentional about the kind of future you want provides a defined channel you can use to focus your energy.

Remove the Overwhelm of Business Planning

Using a proven methodology, planning for your success can be not only attainable, but enjoyable. The key is to not go it alone. On a recent episode on The Productive Dentist podcast, Dr. Baird shares the strategy he uses to create year-over-year growth through formulating and executing a dental practice business plan.

Create Intentional Success In Your Practice By Enrolling in
PDA Business Impact: Foundations Program

Productive dentists that consistently produce a predictable patient experience and generate massive raving fans have three things in common when it comes to year over year growth in the dental practice:

  1. A well-defined philosophy of care
  2. A clear business plan
  3. An easy way to get team buy-in

Productive Dentist Academy is offering something we’ve never done before to give you access to the exact proven methods you need to jumpstart productivity today — not months or years from now.

Recent PDA Business Impact: Foundations Program participant Dr. Darren Webber explains,

“It’s been good to sit down and do this plan because all the planning went out the window in March of 2020!”

– Dr. Greg Perry

Beginning January 14th we are kicking off our third PDA Business Impact: Foundations Program.  Sign up for this 8-week interactive program and receive Dr. Bruce B. Baird’s “Pearls of Productivity” On Demand BONUS and $700 OFF Tuition.

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