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December 23rd, 2020

How To Get Out Of Survival Mode: Dentist Business Owners Edition

If you’re like most dentists these days, not a day goes by when you aren’t spinning multiple plates within your dental practice:

  • Clinical dentistry
  • HR / Team issues
  • Overhead management
  • Marketing guru
  • Growth planning
  • …and so much more

In working with thousands of dentists across the globe this year, one of the most critical indicators we’ve seen that determines whether a doctor will be successful or not is the ability to create an intentional plan and focus in exactly the right areas of the business, at the right time.

Unfortunately, this year has been brutal. And the first spinning plate to fall to the floor is often annual planning.

“If you don’t plan for next year,” Dr. Bruce B. Baird explains, “all you’re doing is hoping. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to hope. I want to make this next year not just survivable, but great.”

The reality is you will always have multiple priorities begging for your undivided attention. You can’t do it all, but you can hack the system and commit to focusing your finite energy in the areas of your life that will yield the biggest results.

2021 can be your best year ever. But you have to set your intentions and be 100% committed.

Choosing to hope, rather than plan, is a guaranteed way to increase your stress and lower productivity. “Perception creates your reality,” says Dr. Baird. In other words, if you fail to plan, and simply hope for something vaguely good to happen, you will get unpredictable results that will leave you disappointed, unproductive, and burned out.

“There is no silver bullet in dentistry,” shares Dr. Baird, “It’s all the little things you pay attention to that make you productive.”

Commit To The Results You Want To See

In this episode of The Productive Dentist podcast, Dr. Baird shares the exact areas he chooses to focus on, what numbers he looks at in the dental practice, and how he sets up each new year for greater success than previous years.

Position Your Practice for Growth By Enrolling in
PDA Business Impact: Foundations Program

Productive dentists that consistently produce a predictable patient experience and generate massive raving fans have three things in common when it comes to year over year growth in the dental practice:

  1. A well-defined philosophy of care
  2. A clear business plan
  3. An easy way to get team buy-in

This is your chance to have your best year ever!

Productive Dentist Academy is offering something we’ve never done before to give you access to the exact proven methods you need to jumpstart productivity today — not months or years from now.

Recent PDA Business Impact: Foundations Program participant Dr. Darren Webber explains,

“It’s been good to sit down and do this plan because all the planning went out the window in March of 2020!”

– Dr. Greg Perry

Beginning January 14th we are kicking off our third PDA Business Impact: Foundations Program.  Sign up for this 8-week interactive program and receive Dr. Bruce B. Baird’s “Pearls of Productivity” On Demand BONUS and $700 OFF Tuition.

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