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January 2nd, 2019

Episode 13: Courageous Conversations with Katherine Eitel Belt

The formidable Katherine Eitel Belt from LionSpeak joins Victoria and Chad this week for a courageous conversation about courageous conversations. But first, what are courageous conversations? Most of us have things and people in our life that make us think, “If she would just stop doing that or if he would start doing this or I keep dropping hints I shouldn’t have to come out and say I’m upset.” We look outward at other people and what they’re doing. In today’s podcast, Victoria, Chad, and Katherine talk about how to have those difficult conversations in a way that is authentic and effective:

  • Are dentists being kind or passive aggressive in their daily conversations?
  • The individual’s place in events that aren’t working.
  • Women communicating in business and how they approach their ability to make a stand in a way that follows their intuition.

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