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July 28th, 2021

Episode 132 – Patching the Erosion of Dental Culture with Joanne Miles

It’s been a trying 18 months in dentistry. You may have noticed this fatigue showing up over the past few months: staff are short-tempered, patients are irritable, the team is frustrated, or you’re struggling with turnover.  

COVID fatigue is real. While most dental practices encounter burn out from time to time, the reality is people are dealing with more uncertainty and fear. This COVID fatigue is contributing to the erosion of culture and dental practices. And as you may know, it can be hard to spot before it’s too late. Maybe it’s an employee who comes in happy one day and the next day turns in their notice. Or maybe it’s the normally cheerful patient who is uncooperative with staff requests.

Today, we are joined by Joanne Miles, Business Success Coach at Productive Dentist Academy, who brings positive energy and solutions and 30+ years of experience in the dental industry. She is the ideal person to tackle this topic of culture erosion and what you can do to manage your culture, including:

  • What a healthy, modern dental office culture looks like
  • Team behaviors to watch for that will help you take the pulse of your team
  • Strategies for getting your culture back on track

Bonus: The power of choice vs. the limitation of decisions.


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