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August 25th, 2021

Episode 134 – How Your Leadership Affects Your Dental Team with Sommer Carrol, RDA

“Dentists who are exceptional leaders check on their team to see if they are ok and if they as a business owner and team leader can do to help the team accomplish their jobs.”
~Sommer Carrol, RDA

Leadership is one of the most daunting elements of business ownership. And if you don’t think so, you’re not doing business ownership right. But how do you know if you’re a good leader?

Here’s a quick stress test: Do you find yourself doctor rolling your eyes at the team often? Are you often rehiring or dealing with some turnover issues? Do you have a knack for throwing instruments? I hope none of you have a knack for throwing instruments. But it does happen.

If some of these things are occurring in your practice, you probably have a leadership problem. And the good news is it’s completely solvable. The answer is your team.

That’s why we’re so excited to have Sommer Carrol – one of Dr. Bruce B. Baird’s lead chairside assistants – joining us today to share stories about how Dr. Baird’s leadership journey developed his team into one of America’s top producing offices. 

If you’re looking for ideas of how to develop a rock-solid dental team, then join us today as we dive into:

  • Creating a team of “co-pilots” to share the burden and hold you accountable
  • The importance of communication, education, and investing in your team
  • How to create a team that is self-motivated and takes ownership 


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