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October 20th, 2021

Episode 136 – Tuning Your Dental Team

“Every piano needs tuning. You can have an awesome piano that’s in tune, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to stay in tune. It’s the same with your dental team.”
~Dr. Chad Johnson

One of the leadership and management concepts that came away from the PDA Workshop in September was “every piano needs tuning”. We practice what we preach about the importance of morning huddles, by having a team meeting every morning before we kick off our workshops. One morning, co-host Dr. Chad Johnson – who had brought his team to the PDA Workshop for the 4th time – said this about his rational for investing in them: “every piano needs tuning.” 

That comment made us all pause for a moment. There were a lot of dentists and their teams at the September workshop who had been to PDA workshops before. Many of them have exceptional, high performance teams. So that got us thinking more about why these doctors are investing their resources and time into bringing their team back to workshops they’ve already attended. 

Just because your team is good, doesn’t mean you’re done.  Just because you’ve arrived, doesn’t mean you’re finished. Just like any musical instrument, dental teams need care and updating and calibration so they maintain their excellence.

So what does that look like on a practical level?

Join us today as we unpack the concepts and rationale behind repeated exposure to exceptional training including:

  • How industry leaders adapt and evolve
  • What happens when you repeat your exposure to education and materials you’ve already walked through
  • What you can expect your numbers to do after recalibrating


Coming Soon!

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