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November 17th, 2021

Episode 138 – I Had a Rotten Tooth with Tom Latourette

We have a very special episode for you today. As you probably know, one of the tenants of Productive Dentist Academy is Doing Good While Doing Good. We believe that one of the benefits of productivity is having the time and resources to give back to others. We are so excited to bring you today’s guest, Tom Latourette, and a creative way to do good and help people out in your community, while creatively marketing and branding your office.

Regan has known Tom for the better part of 10 years and invited him on the show today to share a unique opportunity for all PDA dentists. Twenty years ago, Tom and his brother Bill founded the BTB (Beat Tom and Bill) Foundation to help raise money for local Chicago families fighting cancer. As part of his efforts to channel his creativity and support local families, Tom has written several children’s books – I Had a Runny Nose & I Had an Upset Stomach – where 100% of the sales go to the BTB Foundation. 

Tom’s newest book, I Had a Rotten Tooth, follows the hunt for Billy Bicuspid, a good tooth who has gone bad. “I wanted to give dentists a unique way to help share good dental education with their littlest patients,” says Tom, “while also giving dentists a unique way to help their local communities.”

For every copy of I Had a Rotten Tooth you buy, Tom will not only donate all proceeds to BTB Foundation but will also donate a copy of the book to a local hospital helping kids through cancer. Each donated book will contain a label noting the book was donated by your dental office. 

So we invite you to join in on this very special episode where Regan, Chad, and Tom chat about I Had a Rotten Tooth and:

  • How the book, and you, help local families fighting cancer
  • The historical dental inspirations for some of the character designs
  • How you can participate in your local community

Don’t forget to check out this video (with book art!) from Tom on YouTube:

Browse, buy, and donate books here.


Tom Latourette 0:00
I said, Well, maybe I could assign characters to each one of the teeth. And so I start doing research and I’m like, Oh, well, this is the job of the molars. This is the job of the incisors. Oh, so the molars would be a demolition crew in a Western. And so this whole book kind of formulated in my head, about kind of an old west kind of ragtag team of no bad teeth.

Regan 0:30
Welcome to the everyday practices Podcast. I’m Regan Robertson, and my co host, Dr. Chad Johnson and I are on a mission to share the stories of everyday dentists who generate extraordinary results using practical proven methods you can take right into your own dental practice. If you’re ready to elevate patient care and produce results that are anything but ordinary. Buckle up and listen in.

Dr. Chad Johnson 0:57
Hey, everybody, it’s Chad Johnson with everyday practices podcast and today I have Reagan on here. Regan, how you doing up in the Pacific Northwest?

Regan 1:05
Oh my gosh, I’m doing fantastic. I am really excited for today’s conversation.

Dr. Chad Johnson 1:10
Excellent. And we have such a special guest on I can’t pronounce his last name. And I heard Reagan you pronounce his last name. And I was like, Ooh, that’s fancy. So, Tom, would you reckon Please pronounce Tom’s last name and introduce him since you know him. So? Well.

Regan 1:27
Absolutely. Tom Latta Ray is our guest today. And I have known Tom for a better part of a decade, we have worked together, we have been friends together we’ve we’ve talked business and personal and he is he’s a whiz at all things sales, sales, sales, management, sales coaching. And what I learned over working with him in the professional sense is that he has this hugely, I mean, like TV, Funny or Die worthy, creative side. That is, you know, you know, we we put on the business suit. And we talk business and we have crews. But this is really interesting to me. Because Tom, you are one of those people that has an equally creative side and hugely talented and you have turned your creative talents into a hobby that has given away almost $1.5 million to local charities. And we’re excited to have a conversation with you today. About that journey.

Tom Latourette 2:27
Wow. Thanks. So first off, thank you for those wonderful words. That’s yeah, it’s it’s interesting, you know, I I have I always felt like I was a an actor or a creative talent trapped inside a salespersons body right? There was something trying to get out. And it was funny, the our foundation, the BTB Foundation, really almost became a laboratory for me to try out some of these things and, and maybe stop me from being a serial killer, like at least got it out of my sister. Right, good. Exactly.

Dr. Chad Johnson 3:04
Hey, so what is B? CB just like business to business or widow. So here’s a photo BTB

Tom Latourette 3:10
20 years ago. So my brother and I, I’m I’m the oldest in our family. My brother’s name’s Bill. I’m Tom. And our best friend was a guy by the name of Paul. I’ve known Paul. So I’m 57 years old. Now. We’ve known Paul since I was four. He lived two houses away from us. And his 20 years ago, his wife had breast cancer. And she’s gonna walk in the Avon breast walk, and she had to raise $3,000. And so my brother and I said, Hey, why don’t you, you take care of yourself, do your healing journey and do what you need to do for yourself. We’ll construct a golf outing to raise the $3,000 for him. And so the first beat Tom and Bill was born. So my brother and I are very competitive. So BTB Foundation, beat Tom and Bill beat cancer. And so that first outing, we had 30 of our friends came to the golf course and my brother and I golf ahead of time, and we’d leave i This is where we hit the ball that you got to hit it farther than this closer to the pin here. And we raised $3,000. Now fast forward 20 years, so we just celebrated our 20th anniversary. We are regularly doing this event outside of COVID. I mean, we we modified it this year just because of COVID. But right before COVID We were we’d have 300 golfers 500 people for dinner. In one day, we’d raise $150,000 And we’ve given $1.5 million to over 100 Local Chicago families that are fighting cancer and so it’s really cool. And so you know what the prep we kept the premise the same. So beat Tom and Bill is an event where my brother and I golf ahead of time and people Come on the golf course. And on every hole, they’re trying to be the shot that we’ve done. But while they’re doing that, Chad, there’s a polka band in their background on one hole. The next hole, there’s a barbershop quartet, the hole after that they have to sit on a toilet and hit the ball. The whole after that there’s somebody in a Tyrannosaurus Rex costume, and they have to bind. So then we put a rubber band around their hands so that they have to tee off with tiny little hand like, it’s like a T Rex. Exactly. So every hole has something stupid and challenging. And so, you know, people walk into that event, thinking it’s just going to be a regular golf outing, and they walk out like Oh, my What did I just experienced that right? Crazy, right? And so that’s kind of been our brand. And so um,

Regan 5:48
so from from beat Tom, and Bill beat cancer you. I know you definitely during the golf outings and the dinner events and all of that. And I also knew that you had a passion for storyboarding and storytelling. When did that, that transition into making charitable books, children’s books, it was kind of a humorous slant to it.

Tom Latourette 6:09
Yeah, it’s interesting, because, you know, I remember as a kid saying, I always wanted to be a writer. As an adult, I always would say I wanted to be a writer. And, and so I, I would do some parody songs that would support the golf outing. And then I also did some parody songs. I’m a Chicago White Sox fan. I had a lot of Chicago Cubs fan friends. And so I would do parody songs that were making fun of my Cub fan friends, and a local DJ in the Chicago area, somebody sent one of my songs to the local DJ, he started playing them, and all you need to do is feed fuel to that fire. And then once I knew I had somebody who would play my songs, I would send them and so one of one of my songs actually got written up by AP Associated Press. It kind of went viral. It was right before the cubs were going into the playoffs. It’s called cub fans, please stop believing. So it was a parody of don’t stop believing. Yes. And it was please stop believing. And that had about a million views. So that was probably the closest I ever came to internet fame. You know, and, and so I was always kind of writing humorous things and capturing those. And so I wrote a children’s book called I had a runny nose. And it sat in my computer for maybe six years. And then finally, through our golf outing, I met somebody who was an illustrator. And like, or I’m sorry, his sister was an illustrator. And I said, you know, what, your sister if I gave her this book, you think she’d illustrate it? He goes, Well, that’s what she does. And so I paid her to illustrate my first book. And that sat in my computer for six years. And then, you know, so literally, I’ve got this book that is sitting in my computer, and all I’m thinking about every year is, oh, don’t don’t die and leave something behind. You got to get it out there. Right. And,

Regan 8:10
and my kid, my kid, my son, who’s seven, loves that book.

Tom Latourette 8:14
Great. I love it. I had so much fun writing that. And you know, it ends with the kids saying, you know, you can keep all your fancy friends, but it’s my nose, I will pick your nose, run your face. And so, so then we’re doing our golf outing, and we’re helping a family that had a young child. And I knew the uncle, and he starts a specialty printing publishing house. And so I go to Rick, and I say, Rick, I’ve had this book, it’s, it’s printed, it’s illustrated, or I’m sorry, it’s illustrated, it’s done. Can we? And he goes, Yeah. And so that was born. And so I figured, you know, if I get these books out, and 100% of the proceeds of the books go to the foundation, I figured that would be a way for me. Maybe that’s another incentive for me to do more of these. And so once I did, the first one, had a lot of fun doing that. I wrote, I had an upset stomach. And so that was about a stomach, Kid stomach. That kid feeds it and gives it a lot of food in the stomach is really angry and gets upset and can’t decide whether the food is going to exit the one way the front or the back. Right. And so that’s kind of the premise of that book. But once you kind of start those juices flowing, you can’t stop them.

And so, yeah, so COVID hits and then I wrote two books fairly quickly. I had a rotten tooth. You know, again, kind of this play on I had a runny, runny nose, upset stomach, rotten tooth, and I’m like, Well, what would that look like? And so, out of that book came, I said, Well, what maybe I could assign characters to each one of the teeth and so I start doing research and I’m like, Oh, well, this is the job of the molars. This is the job of the incisors. Oh, so the molars would be a demolition crew in a Western. And so this whole book kind of formulated in my head about kind of an old west kind of ragtag team of, you know, bad teeth that are going to take over the candy bar Express at noon at high noon the next day, but they’re stopped by an intrepid group of dentists and dental anti dentals. And you know, all that. And so is that a Seinfeld almost reference it i so there is a Seinfeld reference in the book to anti dentists. And so right, and all my books are rhyming. So you know, I kind of applaud myself on rhyming things with anti dentists. And that, you know, so that’s right. And so, and then this one, I found an illustrator, all of a sudden, I sent her the, so I send her the book, and it’s just in written form. And she sends me some drawings back and I’m like, Oh, my gosh, well, first off, I reached out to Reagan, and I said, Reagan, would you try? And she’s like, the I don’t know, I don’t know if I have enough if I have enough time. But she, Remi Regan created

Regan 11:16
more enough talent, or enough talent, it was

Tom Latourette 11:19
Don’t, don’t go there. Because the drawings you sent me were fantastic. And, but it was a place of, you know, all of a sudden, she’s got a young family. And she’s like, and I have a full time job, which I do too. You know, that’s the challenge, right?

Regan 11:33
COVID Hitting definitely picked up the spice and PDA because it’s like, okay, take all your curriculum. And now online, that pretty much knocked me out for a good eight months.

Tom Latourette 11:42
So this was the first time I was actually forced to find a professional illustrator, this was so the other folks who had done my books were just hot, they were doing it as a hobby. And so now I’m dealing with a professional illustrator, and she’s fantastic. And all of a sudden, she sends me, she creates all a world out of the words that I wrote. And it’s so cool. And you know, then to be able to say, Hey, listen, I’d like us to have so at one point, there’s a picture of all these teeth, standing together the molars, the incisors, the, the bicuspids, it’s Billy bicuspid, and the rotten tooth gang. And so it’s a whole, you know, the eight bicuspid brothers and sisters and, and they’re all standing there. And I was like, Hey, let’s, let’s try to make it look like it’s inside of a mouth. And she comes with the strong that, you know, shows, okay, there’s a desert background. And so it takes place in a town called the mouth. And, and it’s just, it was really a lot of fun to do. And, and I’m excited because it’s coming out shortly. So yeah, that’s and hence the reason we’re having this conversation. And nice,

Dr. Chad Johnson 12:53
very cool. So there’s something to be like, there’s there’s two bigger pictures about this as well. Number one, a dental office could potentially buy this. And then you know, I’ve got the cheat sheet notes to see more about this b2b Foundation. And it’s a buy one get one. Can you explain to us what that’s about?

Tom Latourette 13:12
Yeah. So you know, I thought I think you know, the opportunity to actually purchase a book, but then give one to a local charity, how can we go even one step further. So even though all the proceeds are going to benefit, the BTB foundation, I thought was, you know, there’s a lot of local children’s hospitals, we’ve actually had some people who have bought 100 or $200 worth of books that said, hey, instead of giving it to me, I don’t have any kids. Why don’t you give it to the local hospital. And I thought, What a cool way that would be to maybe just incent people to purchase a few more books, if they knew that they can take one for themselves, but also one would be going towards a local hospital that is helping kids going through cancer. And so and I figured once I when I talked to Reagan, I was like, when that’d be kind of cool if we just figured out how to do that locally. And so my thought was that if any dentist wants to say, Hey, this is our local hospital, we’ll do the work of reaching out to the hospital and saying, listen, here’s these 20 books were purchased for children for that inside that hospital. And inside each book would have a little stamp that says these books are courtesy of ABC dentistry. And we just thought that’d be kind of a cool way to get more books in people’s hands. But then also maybe from a dentist standpoint is how do I educate kids maybe a little bit more about dental literacy and, and then how do I maybe promote my business in a way that is kind of strong? Way to be community focused, because

Dr. Chad Johnson 15:02
it’s broaches the second part of you know that that this could be one example of way creative ways that you can market and brand, your office and use PR in that regard to where you’re doing good. While you’re helping people out and also promoting yourself. I mean, there’s there’s some promotion aspect to it, but you’re also doing a lot of good.

Tom Latourette 15:29
Yeah, and it’s more, you know, the promotion is really kind of on the back end. Of course, it’s more on the on the front end is you’re doing really good. And I guess one of the things I do see Chad, not just in the dental industry, but in we work with industries throughout. And I’ve got two daughters, 25 and 22. And what I love about this generation, is they are forcing organizations to think about community focus, charity, first, they won’t, they won’t come to companies, unless there’s a charitable piece of what they’re doing and how they’re giving back. And I think that’s really cool. And so, you know, it kind of forces you to think in terms of okay, how can I leverage and make, so I, I have a lot of fun. This is a hobby for me, you know, putting the books out as a hobby, and it’s one that I think is I have a lot of fun doing it. But you know, there’s also part of me that is thinking, how can you? How can you leverage that hobby and make it and make even more footprints in the world? Right? And sight?

Regan 16:30
Well, but and Tom, this is this is 100%? I mean, what PTA would call doing good while doing good, like 100% of the proceeds are donated, is that correct? So yeah, it may be a buy one get one, you get a book, you give a book to a local, I love the marketing angle. Of course, of course, we love the marketing angle, because the community presence and all of that. But I think that’s the other part that sort of stopped me in my tracks and, and you’re generous person, you’re using your hobby in a generous way. So 100% of it goes. So we you collect the dollars, we get the books, or the doctor, the dental practice gets the book. And then you donate one locally to their local hospital of their choice.

Tom Latourette 17:10
Yeah, yeah, that that is the intention and the focus, so

Regan 17:13
that and then the proceeds from the book go where the proceeds from the book

Tom Latourette 17:17
would go to the BTB Foundation. And so again, our foundation helps local Chicago families that are fighting cancer. And then every year, we pick somewhere between eight and 14 families that will benefit from the money we raised. Now, typically, we only in the past, we’ve only done the one event. But doing things like these books allow us, you know, occasionally, we’ll have a family that’ll send us an email. Our event is in May or September, depending on when we do it. But let’s say somebody sends an email in November and says, Oh, we’re having trouble. You know, we heard about your foundation this way. It’d be nice for us to be able to help some families that way too. So that’s kind of what our hope is in terms of creating more ways that the BTB foundation can help local families that are fighting cancer. So and we’re a 501 C three, certified by the state of Illinois, and so anything is a tax deduction. So these are all tax deductible gifts and things like sponsorships, things like that. That’s all tax deductible. So

Regan 18:32
can you tell us Tom, I like I want to get a little dental nerdy with you just a little bit. So when you first approached me with this concept, I thought, oh my gosh, one, it’s gonna be really fun. And then two, what are dentists going to say? Like these teeth illustrated correctly or named correctly? Like there’s going to be talk about it. And and you sent me a note about about actually including diversity in this book. And I’m like, It’s a book about teeth. Like I opened the book, which it is illustrated gorgeously its teeth. How did you do that?

Tom Latourette 19:02
Well, so I’m in my real world, job sales and sales management, coaching consulting, I’m part of the Chicago networking group, and got about 350 members in the Chicago area. And I’m also part of the diversity equity inclusion group. And there, and as I’m looking at the first set of self drawings, and I sent the book to both of my children, my daughters, Claire and Christine. And I said to them, I was like, you know, love everything about it. I’m just a little bit concerned that I don’t think we have enough diversity in it. And my oldest daughter almost replied, almost immediately said Dad, I was gonna say something. And so I was like, Okay, now, what do I do? And so, while the majority of the characters are teeth, there are also characters that are modeled after variants. berries we call the Dirty Dozen Amelia abscess. You know, Perry and Dan Titus, you know, the poly plaque. And so I’m taking kind of the the Dirty Dozen, our, you know, key things that are affecting teeth. But so we made those into humans. And that’s where we took some of the opportunity to add some diversity. And so I thought Katy Williams illustrated did a fantastic job I, I did some research, and I saw that I think it’s 30% of dentists are Asian. Is that about right? And I think it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of about 8%. Or

Regan 20:44
just gave a questionable, I’m not sure exactly what the percentage is. I know, we have a lot of diversity in dentistry.

Dr. Chad Johnson 20:50
I think it also depends on the area you’re at. I mean, man, if you’re in California, you know, certain demographic is going to dominate more, as opposed to Wisconsin as opposed to

Tom Latourette 21:00
Georgia. Yeah. Nationally, I just wanted to make sure that if a kid picks the book up there, there’s a possibility of them seeing themselves in that book, right. And, and so we patterned so the pattern, one of the characters fluoride flow off of the first Chinese, the actual first Chinese dentist, and, and then Dominic, the dentist is actually patterned after a African American dentist, and he was also a civil rights leader. And so I sent these pictures after doing some Google research, I sent these pictures to the illustrator. And she’s like, okay, great. And then she comes back, I’m like, Oh, that’s perfect. So cool. And so a little bit of, you know, I’ll reference that on the website, I won’t really reference it in the book, it’s just, but I’m going to point kids back to that. So there’s a space where at least kids can learn. Maybe not only will they learn about the dentist, or the, the teeth themselves, but also a little bit about, you know, some of them maybe even a little bit of history of dentistry in this children’s book about a bunch of renegade teeth, who are trying to take over a sugar train. And so,

Regan 22:14
I appreciate the level of detail that you that you went through to just to create this because it’s not. It is it’s definitely once you see the book, and we’re gonna play a video to I think we’re gonna do post production, we’re gonna play a video we’ll put in the link. So everybody can can watch it. There it is. It is really well polished and really well put together. So although this is your hobby, this could easily be your career. And I’ll tell you, my little nerd, even my little nerd White Hart. got really excited. I’m a huge Star Trek fan. And I’m watching discovery, the series discovery with my family right now. And there’s a character named Tilly and sin. Tilly, she is a little bit bigger. Oh, yeah, a little bit bigger. She has big red curly hair, like me, her face structures the same. And I immediately like I was might as well been eight years old again. I was like, Oh, my gosh, there you have it. Star Trek. I just went into this little. And she becomes captain. And I’m like, That’s right.

Tom Latourette 23:11
Captain, right. Yes. Yeah,

Regan 23:13
there’s so much power, I think in being able to relate to that, you know, to relate to that when you’re a kid and see somebody else in that. So the fact that you went to that level of detail in this book, just it kind of blew my mind. I mean, it relates to the characters. I know you but for those who don’t know you that that is you.

Tom Latourette 23:29
Yeah. And so that’s actually, when I come back, and I look, there’s a few things that I’ve gotten older. We just celebrated our 20th anniversary of B Tom and Bill. And, wow, there was one hole where we had, we had signs of every single family that we’ve supported. And so you’re on this golf hole. And as you’re driving down the golf ball, you’re seeing, you know, two foot by four foot picture of all 110 families. No kidding. And I remember driving down that. Now in the morning before everyone’s coming. I was driving down that with my daughter and was really struck. You know, it’s it’s interesting when you know, over over the course of 20 years, when you do something one year at a time, maybe you don’t really recognize impact, right? But I remember standing and as we start driving like, wow, that’s really cool. And we did a thing we showed a video of every single one of the families we supported and it really blew people away. Our supporters, people have done this a long time. And so I am in a space as you get older, I think you’ll learn to be a little bit and gratitude is I’m in a space of looking back on whatever. However, I’ve gotten this place where I can, yeah, make a book about a rotten tooth and then all of a sudden, you know, my brain kind of goes goes into wherever it goes right? And then it starts doing research and like, oh, this would be funny. And then oh, what about this? This would be kind of funny and, and sometimes it feels like, it’ll never get, it’ll never get done. But then it gets done, you find somebody who actually can illustrate it. And it’s this whole collaborative thing happens. And it’s, I just, it’s really cool to be a part of that process. And then if it can make a difference, that’s even cooler, right? Like, that’s even more fun. I mean, you know, just one to get it out. And get it done is one thing, but then, you know, if it can, if kids can read it and go, Oh, my gosh, that’s funny here I see myself for you know, I learned something, then that’s really that’s great. So,

Dr. Chad Johnson 25:40
so if people want to check out this website more for the foundation stuff, where can they go? And then within that, can they find the book details? Yes, definitely.

Tom Latourette 25:49
So our foundation is www BTB I actually have an author web page. So it’s Tom L dash And folks can see about my four books that I’ve done. I’ve actually, not only did, I had a rotten tooth, but APRA boy is also going to be premiering at the same time. And that’s both of my kids are in musical theater. So I took opera, almost, if you can think about a baby being in the womb for nine months, in a performance hall learning how to sing before it pops out. That is the that’s kind of the premise. And then the baby comes out singing all these operas and you know, it’s so now I’m educated children on operas, but it for the same almost to the same degree. Right? And so folks can find out and, and then I’m working on a few other few other books that I’m hoping to do next year. And various cool, yeah, so um, you know, I’m hoping even though this is a hobby, it’s something I really enjoy doing. I’m hoping, you know, over the course of the next three or four years, that I’ll have maybe another eight to 10 books out. So and, you know, another part of me is always going to be thinking, okay, how can I not just make an impact with the foundation? But what are other ways that I could make an impact and so

Dr. Chad Johnson 27:11
well, Tom, congratulations about the the success that you’ve had so far. And cheers to the, the upcoming success too, with with some of these details that will be you know, more publicly published for your, your foundation and for Allah.

Tom Latourette 27:29
Thank you guys. That’s really cool to talk about it. I mean, just to make people aware of it, and right. I think PDA for just, you know, I mean, it was, was nice to know, even as I’m thinking about printing it. And, you know, when I talked to Ray and Ray was like, Yeah, I think there’s some legs there, we could probably do something with that. And I was like, and so that’s, that’s a space where all of a sudden, I was knowing that I was like, Okay, what could I do that would make an impact for Reagan’s dentists, and, you know, even make the impact not just in Chicago, but in other parts of the country. Right. Right. Very cool. Well, Reagan, thanks

Dr. Chad Johnson 28:04
for bringing Tom on.

Regan 28:06
Absolutely. Thank you, Tom, for being with us today. And all you do. Great, great conversation today. Thank you. Um, I’m excited. I’m excited for all of our dogs to hear about it.

Tom Latourette 28:16
Yeah, thank you so much, really appreciate it.

Dr. Chad Johnson 28:18
You know, I just even like the fact that, that Reagan, like everyone with their own talents can be implementing their best to the cause, you know, and stuff like that. So, you know, surely, this is kind of outside the box of dentistry, but nonetheless, you know, running across time in your career, and then being able to say, Okay, now how can I make a difference, not just for teeth sake, you know, it’s not that it’s making a difference in families with cancer, it’s making a difference with people that are having a tough time. You know, lugging stuff to the hospital while your child is there. I mean, you know, it’s all that kind of stuff. So that’s very cool that you’re using your talents. To be able to be a symphony of people caring for people. That’s awesome. Well, you bring up a great in both of my kids are musical theater kids. And

Tom Latourette 29:12
you know, the thing that has always impressed me about watching my my daughters are on stage and they love performing. But in order for them to be on stage, right, there are 30 people almost behind every one of those kids that are on stage making something and they so if I love doing the set, sir, if I love doing the marketing, or if I love just doing the costumes and write, the show doesn’t happen without all of those people bringing their talents and collaborating there. And, and I’ll tell you, I, I’ve gotten so much enjoyment out of just collaborating with really, really gifted people that take your thoughts or ideas and turn it into something and I’m like, Oh my gosh, that’s fantastic. Alan so, so really cool.

Dr. Chad Johnson 30:02
Well, Tom, thanks for joining us today. And I appreciate all the listeners out there who are also making a difference in people’s lives. Let’s go and do that. Until the next episode Reagan. Thanks for joining us, Tom. Thanks for being a great guest. Thanks, Chad.

Tom Latourette 30:14
Really nice to talk with you.

Dr. Chad Johnson 30:16
Yep, have a great rest of the day.

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Hello PDA. Are you looking for a cool way to educate your little patients about good dental hygiene? For active gratified a different gift option for the holidays? Or maybe you’re looking to make an impact in your community? Well, I’d like you to meet Billy back cuz he’s the star of the new book. I had a run to transcribe by Tom Ladd Ray and illustrated by Katie Williams. I had a rotten tooth, which was rotten to the car. What was once so slick and shiny was not shiny anymore. Baby teeth grow up and sometimes they turn bad. It’s nature versus nurture. And the story can be sad. So gather around the campfire, and I’ll let you know who’s boss. A tall tale of teeth defeated by a brush, toothpaste and floss. Yes, ladies and gentlemen. The town of tooth decay has a bit of a problem. The candy bar expresses a rabbit in high noon, but Billy and his rotten tooth gang are looking to ambush those sweets and procure them for their own nefarious purposes. Who would have stopped Billy in this market Miss of munchers can the back husband wiseguys polar mob influence incisors crafted Cuspids and the Dirty Dozen can they be defeated? Oh, have no fear my fellow PTA, our heroes Dominic dentist krassin brush along with the toothpaste twins, health wash, Meg, fan and Laura Enzo enamel teammates who are here to save the day. And then you can be a dental hero. All you’ve got to do is buy books. We’ve got to buy one give one program going. You buy a book, and we give a book to a local child fighting cancer in your local community at one of your local hospitals. VTB Foundation has been helping local families for over 20 years, we’ve given $1.4 million to over 100 families that are fighting cancer. And now this book I had around to you can do the same thing. Go to BTB Or ask your friends at PDA how to help support us and find out how to rock and not only educate children about the benefits of good dental hygiene, but help with child fighting cancer. Thank you so much. And we appreciate it. Have a great day and go be a dental hero.

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