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May 15th, 2019

Episode 31 – From the Horse’s Mouth with Dr. Bethany Piziks

“How can you help heal the healers?” Dentists pour so much of themselves into caring for their patients, their practice, and their team, that they forget to take care of themselves. Today’s guest, Dr. Bethany Piziks, is a practicing dentist and life-long horse woman. An epiphany in 2001 led her to look for a way to bring her love of horses and the peace she finds with them to coaching dentists and their teams through difficult times. Dr. Piziks talks about how horses force people to be present and authentic, and by working with them teams learn how to drop old patterns, pains, and anxiety to bring clarity and move forward. Today, Dr. Piziks joins Victoria for a discussion about:

  • The psychology of “gestalt” and being aware
  • Real-life stories about how dental teams overcame their internal challenges through working with horses
  • Hyperfocus, control, and perfection: the good and the bad

Photo: Mentioned in the podcast, this client found healing from trauma and acceptance while working with Dr. Piziks horses. 

Join Dr. Piziks for a Masquerade Workshop to uncover the masks you’re wearing on June 14-16 in Arizona. Learn more at

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