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November 19th, 2018

Episode 7 – When the Wheels Fall Off (And How to Get Them Back On) with Dr. Nikki Green

Today’s guest, Dr. Nikki Green, is a practicing dentist with 16 years’ clinical experience who has owned and operated her own practice for 11 years. A self-proclaimed “C.E. Junkie”, Dr. Green is passionate about all things leadership and dentistry and uses her motivation to constantly improve her team’s organization and service to their patients.

A driving force in her office, Dr. Green discusses:

  • How she keeps team motivation and drive strong in her practice by scheduling admin days and controlling her schedule.
  • What she thinks about the unique struggles female dentists and practice owners face in the industry (hint: it might not be what you think!).
  • What happens when “the wheels fall off the bus” in leadership, and how to get them back on.

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