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May 1st, 2020

Episode 81 – From Sunshine to Chaos (And Back Again) with Dr. Angela Mulrooney

“I’m awesome as a dentist, but I don’t know if I’m an awesome human being,” says Dr. Angela Mulrooney. After taking on a chaotic practice and turning it around in a year, Dr. Mulrooney faced a legal suit from two former employees. Then, a few years later, a devastating medical diagnosis left her unable to continue following her dream and calling as a dentist.

Tune in for a timely discussion about:

  • What you can learn when you lose everything
  • How to climb back from devastating losses
  • What really matters in life and dentistry

To learn more about Angela, visit her at

Dr. Angela Mulrooney is a speaker, consultant, and coach. In 2009 she bought a broken-down, bread and butter dental practice. New equipment, new decor, a new system… it was ready to go. But it wasn’t that simple. She went through devastating financial struggles, and it was the perfect storm which nearly forced her to close her doors. SHh hired business coaches, took advanced clinical courses, and read everything about business. Over $150k later she felt re-energized, equipped, and ready to go and trained her team to support where the practice was going. Now she helps coach other dentists to think smarter not harder to grow their practices and achieve their dreams.

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