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October 19th, 2021

Episode 13 – Employment Law & Dentistry with Ali Oromchian

“Getting accustomed to reading and learning as things happen and not ignoring the rule changes is very important. If you’re too busy, then rely on professionals to help you.”
~Ali Oromchian

One of the biggest topics doctors struggle with as business owners is the topic of legality and liability. Are you protected?  Employment law may not be the most fun part of owning a dental practice. But understanding where you’re liable is vital to protecting your Investment Grade Practice.

I was so grateful to sit down with Ali Oromchian, a dear friend and one of the nation’s leading legal authorities on topics relevant to dentists and doctors. Ali is an expert advisor on dental and medical practice transitions, the creation of corporations and partnerships, associate contracts, estate planning, employment law matters, office leasing, and state board defense.

I like to say Ali has saved my bacon with legal advice more than once and I always appreciate his insights on topics such as employment law, practice transitions, negotiations strategies, and contracts. Today, Ali and I discuss some of the benefits of investing in yourself and legal representation and understanding employment law including:

  • Topics that get doctors in legal trouble
  • How the doctor can protect themselves from employees
  • What constitutes harassment

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