Episode 215 – Our Favorite Things of 2023, Continued

“I want a bomber jacket that has a Shelby Mustang on it.” ~Dr. Chad Johnson

Welcome to the continuance of the holiday edition of Everyday Practices podcast in which co-hosts Regan Robertson and Dr. Chad Johnson talk about Dr. Chad’s favorite things (like Oprah does) – but in the world of dentistry! Dr. Chad unveils more of his favorite clinical products and tools, sharing valuable insights and recommendations. Get ready for a deep dive into the world of dental innovations. Your hosts also touch on planning for the new year, perseverance in dental practice, and a few intriguing items on Dr. Chad’s Christmas wish list.

As you listen to this episode, we want you to think about:

  • What’s on your holiday wish list this year?
  • How will you plan and strategize to improve your practice in 2024?
  • In what ways can you commit to become better organized and disciplined in the new year?


Regan 0:01
Hi, Doctor. Regan Robertson, CCO of Productive Dentist Academy here and I have a question for you. Are you finding it hard to get your team aligned to your vision, but you know, you deserve growth just like everybody else? That’s why we’ve created the PDA productivity workshop. For nearly 20 years, PDA workshops have helped dentists just like you align their teams, get control of scheduling, and create productive practices that they love walking into every day. Just imagine how you will feel when you know your schedule is productive, your systems are humming, and your team is aligned to your vision. It’s simple, but it’s not necessarily easy. We can help visit productivedentist.com/workshop that’s productivedentist.com/workshop to secure your seats now.

Dr. Chad Johnson 0:47
Along the lines of implants, There’s Salvan brand has an implant spotter. And so this Salvan implant spotter, I want that for my full arch stuff. And if it weren’t for that they also have a penguin which is kind of like an implant integrator checker. So like one of those two things would be on the top of my list.

Regan 1:11
Welcome to the Everyday Practices Podcast. I’m Regan Robertson, and my co-host Dr. Chad Johnson and I are on a mission to share the stories of everyday dentists who generate extraordinary results using practical proven methods you can take right into your own dental practice. If you’re ready to elevate patient care and produce results that are anything but ordinary, buckle up and listen in.

Regan 1:44
Welcome to Everyday Practices Dental Podcast. I am your host Regan Robertson here with the newly returned Dr. Chad Johnson from Miami after speaking for Dr.

Dr. Chad Johnson 1:54
Garg. That’s right. He was having a practice management seminar. It went well and I even he was down to speaker on the second morning and so I filled in for him for the first hour or 15 or so and then hit the airport right away. Got onto the plane just in time, flew back just in time to get off the plane and to my car just in time to get to my girl’s basketball game just in time. So the day was just in time just didn’t know really. I was three minutes late into the game. So went to I was the coach. So the assistant picked up my slack the first couple minutes and walked in seamless almost seamlessly and away we went.

Regan 2:38
Did they take the when we did win the first game?

Dr. Chad Johnson 2:40
Yes, we did.

Regan 2:42
What a shocker.

Dr. Chad Johnson 2:44
Exactly. I mean, come on.

Regan 2:48
That’s the last episode. Oh, yes.

Dr. Chad Johnson 2:51
No, I was, I was just gonna say So enough of my basketball coaching but thanks for listening, everyone. Yeah, as Regan was just gonna say last time we did our favorite things, part one. So today is my favorite things, part two, and Regan I feel bad that it’s all my favorite things But I guess I’m the Clinical person. Right?

Regan 3:11
It is exactly my Christmas wish list. Remember everybody get to know Chad Johnson from the clinical side and not just a fun, humorous, entertaining side, which we have in spades but I thought you know, since we’re looking into the new year, Bruce Baird always says, planning going taking this time to sort of go inward plan for the new year. What are you going to bring on and you’re a whiz at determining what works, what doesn’t work your process for it. So we ended I believe, on the seventh day of Christmas, your true love gave to you. Seven gonna toothbrushes by CEO, Shaun Yes.

Dr. Chad Johnson 3:49
And along those lines, as Bruce was doing, I was showing you earlier for anyone that can see video content that I have my productive dentist Academy calendar done for 2024 with my vacations and ces all planned in and my September workshop that I’m going to be hitting for our 20th-anniversary workshop on the What is this the 13th through this? Let me look it up here. August September, the 12th through the 14th. If you’re ever looking for a fun time, come join us. Are you ready?

Regan 4:23
Well, you remind me of my eighth-grade science teacher, Mr. Anderson.

Dr. Chad Johnson 4:29
Hi Mr. Anderson.

Regan 4:31
Yeah, hi, Mr. Anderson. Shout out to you and my b plus biology grade. He used to tell me that it wasn’t about your inherent talents, and even your natural proclivity for skills that made you a success. It was your ability to be organized and disciplined and your calendar shows right there. You are consistent and you’re disciplined and so takeaway right there.

Dr. Chad Johnson 4:56
Perseverance and persistence are two of my favorite pieces. Words.

Regan 5:02
Speaking of P words, just

Dr. Chad Johnson 5:05
saying, speaking of P words my first one that I want to mention today, Primo pattern LC light-cured gel. Instead of using GC pattern resin when you’re doing pick up impressions for implants, multiple implants, you can connect them, you know, with floss and then bond them together with this premium pattern. And the cool thing is, it’s like your so it’s kind of like flowable composite and I’ve been using it for years I love just connecting the implant, open tray impression copings with some floss and primo pattern LC gel, it’s awesome. It’s way better than having to wait for the regular cur,e the auto-cure stuff so so

Regan 5:48
it’s not like, is it like the Nike of gels? Is it expensive? Do you play it? Pamper?

Dr. Chad Johnson 5:53
Oh, yeah, it’s, it’s what the cool kids are calling bougie these days? It’s, it’s really

Regan 5:58
Bougie? Yeah, they considered bougie.

Dr. Chad Johnson 6:01
I think I think so. I mean, like, this is the next level up of you know, so if you haven’t heard of it, it’s been around for a while. So I mean, I hope you’ve heard of it but if not check out primo-pattern, LLC gel. None of these products am I getting reimbursed for but I love very much and if they sent me some free stuff or all the fantastic stuff that I’m giving I would also pay shipping. Again that that non burst laughter I saw that. My next one if you’re ready

Regan 6:31
Yeah, I’m ready. Given this stuf

Dr. Chad Johnson 6:35
It’s not necessarily new stuff. It’s my favorite stuff. Isolate, we use Eisah dry, which is not which doesn’t have the light attached to it but it’s with the Kona adapter. So the Kona adapter if you look it up, it’s either on eBay or but you almost have to Google it and Kona adapter is not made in Kona, as he the hygienist that makes this describes it’s his dog’s name Kona that he named it after, but it’s a lot cheaper than buying the Isolate Eisah dry version, sorry, isolate, but once you get the system then you can buy the Kona adapters for, you know, I don’t know, let’s say 15% of the full cost, you know, it’s 100, 250 bucks for one of the adapters just so that way, you know just to give you a cost range of what what those cone adapters are. So you can buy a ton of them sterilize them and still be ahead versus buying the expensive Eisah isolate adapter. Now we use ISO dry because we don’t have the light attached to it in a cone adapter does not have the light attached to it but if you’ve got lights on your loops or overhead and or you know all that stuff, then you’re good to go.

Regan 7:45
Where do you buy your products from?

Dr. Chad Johnson 7:48
All over?

Regan 7: 49
Oh, just depends on which is the best deal for you. Do you sit in price shop?

Dr. Chad Johnson 7:52
So most of my stuff I get through Patterson. Okay. Yep. We’ve also tried Henry Schein before and had good success with them. So nothing wrong with that we just have some brand loyalty with Patterson but there’s some of these these products aren’t you almost have to fish for yourself, you know that they’re, they’re not main line items that are always in the Patterson book.

Regan 8:19
Okay, gotcha. Okay, next one. I’m super excited about

Dr. Chad Johnson 8:22
Yes. For PRP vein light. It’s, it’s I call it my cheater light but you know, it blows up your veins when you’re looking to drop in an IV and so when you’re inserting the needle, needle, you just hold that right there and the cool thing that I like about it too is it puts a little pressure on the skin around the area so then it doesn’t I don’t think they can feel the one poke that you’re giving because the whole area is pressurized. So there’s some distraction to it because people are like well you’re kind of good at that and I then you know try and explain, “Listen, the people that do this 1000 times a day or whatever you know they probably don’t need this light. They might have you know advantages to using this light but they don’t need it. If I’m just doing one or two a day this kind of makes me artificially as good as those people who are doing 1000 A day because I can see right where it is so”

Regan 9:19
very with it is it sounds very Star Trek so really is it exactly like it sounds a vain light you put your hand on and it’ll show you exactly where the veins are running. Yep,

Dr. Chad Johnson 9:28
it’s about as big as your palm and on your forehead or put it on your forehead. If you have big forehead veins you could see those things but we’re on your restaurant do

Regan 9:38
you wear it like a headlamp or do you put it over like how does it work?

Dr. Chad Johnson 9:41
It’s an LED lights so vain light v i n and the next word li te just if people are looking it up not it’s kind of like Crystal Light instead of flashlight li ght so lite and you put it on the skin so it’s not held above the skin it you hold it directly on The skin grows into the skin.

Regan 10:02
That’s really cool.

Dr. Chad Johnson 10:04
Okay, it’s kind of like, you know, when you’re a kid and you took a flashlight and you put it on your fingertip and you, you know, it’s, it’s like that.

Regan 10:10
It’s like I’m looking, I’m looking over here they have a hospital grade one it’s like 1900 bucks or something, but I it gave a good illustration and I thought that’s, that’s amazing, because how many times have we been around where we’re hunting for a vein? Yeah, if I never hunted for a vein, since

Dr. Chad Johnson 10:29
I always, I always use this like, even if I can see it super easy. I’ll use it just to make sure that I can see the direction of the vein too. And I can watch it if it wiggles you know, like as we’re in so like, Oh, yes, yeah, so the rollers Yes. Yeah, definitely. Definitely good to have. I want to say this was years ago, but I want to say it’s like 600 bucks for one if you Amazon is slash eBay slash look for it. elsewise, you should be able to find, you know, one not for 1900. Perfect, yep. Next up,

Regan 11:01
Derek. Up Display.

Dr. Chad Johnson 11:05
Yes, opti spray. So like, this is an old school, at this point, an old school dental technique to not the newer camera uses the prime scan uses no spray, but you don’t have to use spray but if you do, it helps kind of dry the area and makes it less reflective, the enamel less reflective, so that way the camera can pick it up. So of course they want to mark it that you don’t have to use spray but if you do use spray, boy imaging goes super quick and easy. So if you’re a newer Sirak user and you haven’t used the old school powder, they always say you know, like, oh yeah, people hated the powder. That’s not exactly true, caking you know, layers and layers of powder on is you know, like on the red cam and blue cam and stuff like that, that was frustrating getting it perfect. These days, though, just a quick spray of just a, you know, a quick glaze of opti spray is going to help dry it off and make it more contrast for when you’re picking up the image and I only do it really on the prep, or kind of on gold, sometimes on zirconia and Emacs but Syriac opti spray is an old thing that you should check into and use. It’s it’s kind of like vinyl records of of the Syriac world,

Regan 12:27
which are all back now that that has been on my court I’m

Dr. Chad Johnson 12:30
saying for people. Yeah, maybe it’s so old. It’s now cool. You know,

Regan 12:35
it’s now true. Yep. Oh, retro.

Dr. Chad Johnson 12:38
I like that. I’ve never I’m so not cool that I’ve never heard that. That’s

Regan 12:42
it’s from a mighty wind. I can’t I cannot take credit for that.

Dr. Chad Johnson 12:46
I’m gonna let you take credit for it. Yeah, it’s very natural. Next up, carry free.

Regan 12:53
First pause before we go. Yes, talk all about carry-free but there is a great podcast that we had the honor of interviewing Dr. Kim Kuj. So that’s in our archives. So that’s one to check out. One of my favorite podcasts. I love Dr. Kim Kuj. So I was chatting carry-free. So tell me tell me about why you love it so much.

Dr. Chad Johnson 13:14
I liked the treatment rants and the maintenance maintenance rants, Dr. Kois promotes them heavily and the product just really works. Mixing some bleach into some water. It does wonders for killing germs. Let’s just say that. So I’m I’m all about that and I also liked that it addresses the pH balance issue of caries in the mouth. So by adjusting the pH in the mouth, and then also for the treatment rinse with the bleach in there, it just it does wonders for our perio patients.

Regan 13:49
I was gonna say tell me the difference between putting a little while putting a little bleach and water versus carry free products like

Dr. Chad Johnson 13:57
I’m not against someone putting now this is my personal opinion,

Regan 14:01
not medical advice.

Dr. Chad Johnson 14:04
Well, right unless I’m your actual doctor and you’re my actual patient then I will tell you to put you know if you want you know to do it, the cheap style you put put some bleach into some water and I even tell people for water picking, which was one of my first seven. You know, if you drop some bleach into the water, it’s going to help kill the germs. And so you don’t want to be swallowing it and you don’t want to be you know, dumb

Regan 14:28
little goes a long way.

Dr. Chad Johnson 14:31
Yeah, but but you should taste that it’s kind of cool watery tasting and smell it you know that it’s strong enough that you can tell that it’s gross and so that way it’s it’s killing germs and I mean you know Sydney’s do it and they don’t get in trouble, but all of a sudden, you know, some people like, “Oh, don’t tell patients because some patients aren’t going to be able to understand it.” Well then don’t tell those patients to do it. You know, don’t tell everyone to do it. But if you feel like that person has a little bit of common sense that they can I even have given a pipette little plastic pipette that they can you know droppers, some bleach in into their water picker, stuff like that. So yeah, it’s not rocket science, you can mix the two together, right? If you want to go rocket science style and have the pH addressed, carry free rinse, then you know it’s more expensive, but of course, you’re gonna get a better product. If you want to save money than DIY, you know, by mixing it yourself with some bleach. Fine. Don’t get it on your clothes and don’t swallow

Regan 15:28
this claim or talk to your dentist to find out more how to best to do it.

Dr. Chad Johnson 15:32
do it. I’m not categorically against it. You know, some, some dentists are like, that’s the worst idea to tell people to do that. And I’m like, Well, yeah, you have to use common sense. So it’s not for everyone. But you can you can do it and not die. I mean, so it’s durable. Yeah. Yeah,

Regan 15:47
no, I’ve heard I’ve heard other dentists speak to that as well.

Dr. Chad Johnson 15:52
If they’re just if they’re frank about it, yes. Just do it

Regan 15:56
Or just skip that process and go straight for carry free? Of

Dr. Chad Johnson 15:59
course. Yeah. My next one is a weird instrument that I’ve loved since dental school, but it’s the Woodson periosteal. Elevator, but it’s the here’s this specific brand. It has to be KOLs. Martin.

Regan 16:13
I’m googling this as fast as my little fingers will type Martin Woodson Perry. Oh, periosteal.

Dr. Chad Johnson 16:20
Yes. What

Regan 16:21
is a parallel ostial? Elevator? So? Oh, oh, no wonder you like that. Okay. All right. I’m on board.

Dr. Chad Johnson 16:32
So when you’re, when you’re extracting a tooth, one of the first things that you do usually is to push the gums back. If you remember, in the Dominican Republic, I explained there are three major categories of tooth extraction, pushing the gums back, wiggling the tooth until the bone is pushed back and then actually grabbing on the tooth with the forceps and starting to wiggle it out but you weren’t in those, you know, in that sequence.

Regan 16:53
Your whole teeth like butter.

Dr. Chad Johnson 16:59
Why thank you. Thank you, right? Yeah, you’re welcome. So the periosteum is the tissue right over the Ostium over the bone. So you push that back with the Woodson periosteal. Elevator but the KOLs Martin brand has a little hook on the end, because a lot of times the offset angle is let’s say 30 degrees. No when I’m doing a second molar or worse yet a third molar I want that to be almost a 90-degree angle. So I bet it’s like an 80-degree angle on that that hook on the curved end so that way you can get around your third molars and get the gingiva fully reflected so I love the KLS Martin which I think is a British brand. Kayla’s Martin Woodson periosteal elevators shout out to University of Iowa College of Dentistry for using that and I called them up and they gave me the name of it. What after I graduated, I was like No, the one I got from blank company was okay, but I want the one that you guys have. And they’re like KLS Martin, boom. Sold.

Regan 18:02
Right there. Done. Yep. And I’ve learned something new today. Yep. periosteal. Elevator now. For one more.

Dr. Chad Johnson 18:10
Didn’t do that on purpose.

Regan 18:12

Dr. Chad Johnson 18:13
Because I’ve got so many more do we make this into another episode?

Regan 18:20
We can make this into another episode. Find. Ricky Ricky. Hold on, hold on. Pause. Hold on. Let me look at my calendar. I think I have another call that I have to go to. I do I have my one on one. I know.

Dr. Chad Johnson 18:33
What if, what if can we can I finish it and then you but you say, “Well, thanks for sharing those Chad,” and then we like I go, “You’re welcome,” and then you can just go down?

Regan 18:43
Heck yeah. Never quickly. We would miss our funsies but yeah, absolutely.

Dr. Chad Johnson 18:47
Okay, how about we do this? Let’s pretend like we’re wrapping up. Let’s do the wrap up and then I’ll fill in the other stuff here in a minute. Like I’ll retro fill that

Regan 18:56
feel that. It give me a second. Hold on. Hold on. Wait, no, no, I don’t want to do that. Hold on. I don’t want to do that. All right. helpin

Dr. Chad Johnson
Okay, one more. 19:09

Regan 19:10

Dr. Chad Johnson 19:12
Okay, one more. So you’ve got one more

Regan 19:13
I don’t know how to say this one pre-yet.

Dr. Chad Johnson 19:15
No, I’m gonna skip that.

Regan 19:18
Why it looks like it’s the pre-implant body

Dr. Chad Johnson 19:21
That’s okay. So what I love about the pre-implant buddy, look it up it’s eight or 900 bucks just so people have kind of a cost estimate idea. p r e a t Preet I think I’m saying that right but it could be presets or preauth or something like that. The company makes implant supplies and the implant buddy is it has all the different screw top heads. So if you want the the point five oh millimeter hex or if you want the one millimeter or the flathead screwdriver or top or the you know, it’s got every brand all in one kit. So That way you can use a torque wrench of different implant sets. So if you’re used to using straw man and you’re like, “Oh no, this is an Astra.” You can switch to whatever size that you want. Or if you don’t know what the company is, you can take the implant apart with the implant buddy. You are very welcome for hearing this one. Ladies and gentlemen, because this one is a game changer of being able to do any implant that you want. Even though it’s not the system or two that you have in house.

Regan 20:27
There you go. That was that was a good one not to skip. Correct.

Dr. Chad Johnson 20:30
I’m excited though, because I do have more Reagan. So maybe after the first of the year, we’ll have to do kind of a Oprah many favorite things countdown or save until next Christmas.

Regan 20:41
I say we keep going. Right now. Let’s do it. Okay, I’m gonna do it real quick. The people need to know the truth deserve to know,

Dr. Chad Johnson 20:52
listen, you’re asking me to geek out I’m willing to go with you to the full depths of this geekiness. Next, the current Smart Strips interproximal separators. When you have cement stuck, and bonding stuck, I like the serrated white finishing strip to opening a contact by the curb brand Smart Strips. And I’ve used other ones before and okay, but like we try, we got a sample of these ones. And I was like now the end the plastic goes on top and down the sides and so it holds the the metal serrated end better. These aren’t side cutting though you can get those I’m talking about just on the end. So that way you can break the contact and clean up extra cement that you Goud in between the adjacent teeth. So that’s the extra weights.

Regan 21:41
What is cement goo?

Dr. Chad Johnson 21:43
So after you’ve you know you’ve hardened the glue either by lights or it’s auto carrying or dual carrying all that stuff. The you’ve got to clean up the extra cement that squishes out from the crown or the online or worse, of course, and that’s stuck in between the teeth, but sometimes it gets so stuck that you can’t clean it out. Except for something like this Smart Strip and it’s awesome. I’ve I’ve never been in love with the idea. I’ve reluctantly started using this one that had a top to it and then these ones though, I’ve been like okay, “Now I’m in love with these.” So are you ready for the next one?

Regan 22:20
Shorter than short? Yep.

Dr. Chad Johnson 22:22
The Brasileiras shorter than short. birdwalk Yes. Yep, it actually says STS shorter than the other patients that won’t open their mouth very big. This is cool because the drill is really short on the shank, the short shank monoblock and so that was redemption.

Regan 22:39
Yes, Shawshank Redemption,

Dr. Chad Johnson 22:41
Yes, Shawshank Redemption, that’s the title. So that way you can go in there and prep. Like on someone that won’t open very big second molars you can do you know without feeling like you have to prep sub gingival and you can get around everywhere. So brassware makes a Brasil brand shorter than short blocks. There you go, next.

Regan 22:59
I think that I think I think that’s one of the hardest jobs that a dentist has only because I failed miserably. If you ask someone open your mouth and they give you like, open your mouth and then they do in the tongue is completely in the way and you can’t put anything down on the tongue to see like it is difficult and I’m like well, I’m not even getting past go. Do not collect $200 I can’t I mean, we’re

Dr. Chad Johnson 23:22
Not all heroes wear capes, honey. We just we get it done.

Regan 23:29
Well, yeah, you wear scrubs. Okay, next one on the list.

Dr. Chad Johnson 23:33
Okay, so I went to Hawaii at the Maronna Surfrider. And I’m Yes, and the smell in there is so amazing. And it’s all hands. Yes. So I was like, you know, they told me that it’s the white tea fragrance and you can go online so I have that in my reception area is a home diffuser set from Western in and it smells awesome. Our office doesn’t smell like a dental office and people’s olfactory brings up old memories and fears and stuff like that. covered over with a beautiful scent like Weston in You’re welcome. You’re gonna love it. Give that a try. Just

Regan 24:08
I just used the word olfactory this morning. That’s funny to hear it come up again. I was staring intently at my dog’s nose this morning very closely and I went like a troll factory center. It’s still active. I think that there is a podcast that we did with Park Slope Dental Arts, if I recall correctly, they’re they’re a group out of not a group but Dental Group. They’re they’re two doctors. They’re out of Brooklyn, if I remember correctly. Anyway, they talked a lot about the fragrances in the practice. And that was a great episode and I the Westin, I know exactly what that smells like and that’s an incredible trick. Yes. And

Dr. Chad Johnson 24:46
every time I smell it, because the first time that I recall smelling it was in Hawaii. So every time that I smell it, I think of you know being on Waikiki Beach at the Westin in Mallanna Surfrider.

Regan 24:56
Then tests identify your other favorite dentist Chad has just given you a beautiful holiday wish list. That’s right. He could buy for your bestie Yep.

Dr. Chad Johnson 25:08
I finished my last one. Are you ready to finish out?

Regan 25:15
Yes, I do.

Dr. Chad Johnson 25:18
Okay. All right. So for anesthesia, making everything wonderful. I use compound a topical I talk about it occasionally on here. I love getting compounded topical it to me it’s worth the extra expense if you can do it. Next, sodium bicarbonate for anesthetic buffering, I have a video on YouTube explaining it and it’s put in the exact words sodium bicarbonate anesthetic buffering, and it will come up with my ex planetory about how to order it and everything like that. That makes the the pH neutral and the anesthetic so that way it’s not stinging when you inject it. So you couple that with the denture pen and if you are looking on the screen right now, here it is the dental pen and because I just got another, I’m going to give you all a secret, I asked my rep and she said there are about 400 of these left. Yep, they stopped making these, yep and a few years ago, I got these and I thought this is dumb but then I started using it because I got it, you know, I thought I’ll give this a try. And then I’m just like, now this is dumb. My hand has kind of ate for the last few months, my forearm and stuff like that. So I’ve been doing physical therapy for it. So I broke this out and I was like, this is actually really cool. I don’t have to squeeze on the palate and it’s got three different settings. So it’s like the establishment or stated and you know, STA for basically a machine that makes the anesthetic go in so you don’t have to use your hand to squeeze it and it’s got three settings where it injects it all in 30 seconds all in nice 60 seconds or all in 90 seconds. And you can also I haven’t figured it out yet but the button you know that you can ramp it up and when I do buffered anesthetic with compound a topical and even on the palate with this dental pen there I’m amazed how many baby patients that I have their term not mine, you know, but that they’re just like, “Man, I I just hate that but this that I wasn’t bad.” And so it’ll I don’t know, just because I think it goes really slow and, and I don’t know, it’s just precise and it spares my hand from cramping up and getting that almost I don’t know if it carpal tunnel II feeling is the right word for it. But it’s it’s helped using this I love it and there’s only so many laughs so get in touch with your second step did not rent rep, because these are on sale or if you’re buying some different products, though they’ll sell it to you for less or something or you get it for free. If you’re buying some of their bio dentin product,

Regan 27:48
it’s only 400 left, which means Chad’s gonna buy up a bunch to have him for the rest of life. So

Dr. Chad Johnson 27:52
I’ve got four now and so I’m set. So listen, if you’re one of the first 400 listeners to this, you’re lucky and go buy one while you can.

Regan 28:04
That’s it there any is there anything. Thank you for sharing your holiday with your holiday favorites. Is there anything on your wish list before we close out and welcome in the new year that you want this year that you don’t have?

Dr. Chad Johnson 28:18
Ah, well, yeah, in my backyard. I want a greenhouse.

Regan 28:25
No, that doesn’t count. That’s not good enough.

Dr. Chad Johnson 28:28
You wanted something small?

Regan 28:29
I wanted something dental related.

Dr. Chad Johnson 28:32
Something Dental, really? Because I was gonna say if you didn’t like that answer, I was gonna say I want a bomber jacket that has a Shelby Mustang on it. So but what else? What were dental related that I want?

Regan 28:47
I would like an Audi RS six but you know, we’re all that’s not my career orientated. But

Dr. Chad Johnson 28:53
hold on. Wait, we’ll wait sent drafts. You can pause this if you need to but let me just look it up here real quick. My I keep a one I wants list. All mail sent scheduled drafts, drafts, personal wish list, business wish lists brand I wish lists. Okay. So along the lines of implants, there’s Salvan brand has an implant spotter and so this Salvan implant spotter, I want that for my full arch stuff and if it weren’t for that, they also have a penguin which is kind of like an implant integrator checker. So like one of those two things would be on the top of my list.

Regan 29:34
I think that’s it. This has been my favorite episode to quickly Google everything that you’re saying and learning. I feel like I just got a crash course in education and all

Dr. Chad Johnson 29:44
Yeah. The Salvan implant spotter. Yep. So check those out for products and again, the penguin is an interesting thing that I don’t have, but I’ve kind of always been on the fringe about curiosity about getting that so yep.

Regan 29:59
Okay. Doctors if you’ve appreciated hearing Chad for the last several years on everyday practices that will podcast that’s his number one wish item for the year.

Dr. Chad Johnson 30:07
You can send that to PO box. Alright listeners. Thanks so much. I look forward to giving you some more advice and hearing from you as well in the new year in 2024. Enjoy.

Regan 30:20
Enjoy. Thank you for listening to another episode of Everyday Practices Podcast. Chad and I are here every week. Thanks to our community of listeners just like you and we’d love your help. It would mean the world if you can help spread the word by sharing this episode with a fellow dentist and leave us a review on iTunes or Spotify. Do you have an extraordinary story you’d like to share or feedback on how we can make this podcast even more awesome? Drop us an email at podcast@productivedentist.com and don’t forget to check out our other podcasts from Productive Dentist Academy at productivedentist.com/podcasts See you next week.


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