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Episode 219 – The Power of PRP

“What’s one way dentists can become the hero of the day for their patients? Start using PRP.” ~Dr. Chad Johnson

In this episode of Everyday Practices Dental Podcast, your hosts Regan Robertson and Dr. Chad Johnson explore they mysteries and applications of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – also known as Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) – in the dental profession. Dr. Chad shares his personal experiences with PRP and how he thinks it can turn dentists into their patients’ heroes. From promoting collagen growth, to its potential in healing burns, to aiding in microneedling and dermal filling, PRP is a versatile tool in medicine.

Your hosts discuss the advantages of PRP, and shed light on the compassionate side of incorporating PRP into dental procedures. Healing that took one week can occur in a much shorter amount of time – days, even hours – with PRP. 

As you listen to this episode, think about the following questions:

  • How can PRP benefit your patients or yourself in dental procedures?
  • How can PRP enhance the healing process?
  • How might the integration of PRP differentiate your practice or your approach to patient care?


Regan 0:01
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Dr. Chad Johnson 0:47
So what’s really cool about PRP, I just saw it this week on today’s Thursday. On Monday, we pulled the teeth of this lady and then we the next day saw her back for the post-operative check because we put her upper denture in and there was it just honestly it looks like it’s a week healed.

Regan 1:15
Welcome to the Everyday Practices Podcast. I’m Regan Robertson and my co-host, Dr. Chad Johnson, and I are on a mission to share the stories of everyday dentists who generate extraordinary results using practical proven methods you can take right into your own dental practice. If you’re ready to elevate patient care and produce results that are anything but ordinary. Buckle up and listen in.

Regan 1:47
Them to Everyday Practices dental podcast I am your host, Regan Robertson, I am coming to you this snowy afternoon in the beautiful San Juan Islands of Washington State here joined with my wonderful magnanimous co-host, Dr. Chad Johnson. Hello, Chad.

Dr. Chad Johnson 2:02
From the snowy desert of Iowa yes doing well. You, story brand jacket person you.

Regan 2:09
That’s right. I’m coming up on my fourth, my fourth year as a story brand guide. I love it. I know I just got invited to the party, that kickoff party.

Dr. Chad Johnson 2:19
We’re going to help people. That’s cool. I didn’t want to skip over that but we’re going to help people today become the the the hero even though the patient should be the hero but how can the dentist become hero of the day. One way that I would recommend is using platelet rich plasma or PRP. Also known as in two different camps. There’s PRP people and there’s PRF people, platelet rich fibrin and it’s all the same thing unless you ask a really, really nerdy person that says they’re different and I don’t believe that they’re much different and Dr. Garg would agree with me to be but the PRP people are more apt to say there’s no difference and the PRF people say no, it’s been different but the fact is, it’s getting platelets or fibrin to the top and of the of the blood vial and at the bottom, you’re leaving the red blood cells and then you can use the PRP/PRF which now the rest of the podcast I’m more comfortable calling it PRP. But if you don’t like that switch to F at the end and then smile. So the PRP is something that you can use basically to, to concentrate the healing growth factors and stuff like that. So that way, everything heals quicker. In for example, in an extraction site, it helps promote collagen growth. It is something that you can use as a dermal filler, you can use it for microneedling or microdermabrasion, where you go in and you use a dermal roller, and you put the you dribble the the PRP on the face and then roll it into the skin. You can press it and use it as a membrane. You can use it to cover over a sinus perforation. You can use it for a lot of different things and it’s just what’s cool is it’s a clot but instead of having red blood cells, it’s just the the platelets so your blood is always having, the way I look at it is your blood always has two main categories that are mixed together and so you you have red blood cells which bring oxygen to your body and most of the time you don’t need all the healing stuff. It’s just kind of floating around there ready to be used. And then when you separate them out by using a centrifuge and you get the platelets and you, and you leave the red blood cells which are bringing oxygen to your body. You now have the concentrate of the platelets. Something else Regan that’s interesting is when you’re a baby, you’re a platelet count is super high and when you’re super, super old, it’s really, really low. And that’s why, yeah, like when Gabe first cut himself when he was like, two or three weeks old with his fingernails, like a day later, it’s healed. It’s like, “How in the world?”  So what’s really cool about PRP, I just saw it this week, on today’s Thursday, on Monday, we pulled the teeth of this lady and then we, the next day, saw her back for the post operative check because we put her upper denture in and there was it just honestly, it looks like it’s a week healed. What I remember, you know, what used to you know, it looked like at the one week post operative mark is now kind of what it looks like when you put the PRP into the sockets. You put the denture right in, you see them back the next day, and it looks really good. That doesn’t look healed, but it looks one week healed at 24 hours and those are rough numbers for me. I mean, you know, like someone might say no, the science says that it’s actually just four days healed. I hear poopoo errs and naysayers or whatever we want to call them of the of PRP say well, it doesn’t I no

Regan 6:31
Are there naysayers of PRP?

Dr. Chad Johnson 6:35
Yes, and the I don’t think that people will, for example, I’ll step on toes, it seems like there are some periodontist groups that are like, “PRP doesn’t actually help and you you know, if you mix that in, you’re just wasting time and you’re just trying to pay you know, like use more of the patient’s money you know, you’re just trying to use it as a scam but it’s not actually healing stuff.” I think the science shows that so far as I know that the bone doesn’t necessarily heal quicker, but the gums do and so when it’s funny,

Regan 7:28
It’s soft tissue.

Dr. Chad Johnson 7:29
Correct, it’s a soft tissue healer and accelerator, whether it actually accelerates the growth of the bone, I think is debatable and the good news is I don’t care you know, like I feel like it does but I could be convinced otherwise and to me getting the soft tissue to heal over your bone graft is just as important you know that we get a nice quick heal and so I, I’m all PRP regen, I think that’s where I finished my diatribe my monologue, what questions do you have, and these, these are for the listeners advantage? You know, for the dentists who are listening on board, I suppose their spouse might be stuck in the car listening to a dentist podcast and here we’re talking about you know, stuff but PRP has patient advantages. You were talking about you knew someone that was interested in you know, even Hair Regeneration and, you know, two, three upwards of five visits, you can inject it under the skin where you want the hair to get more dense, I guess where the hair loss has completely happened. It won’t necessarily grow hair back where it is it is bald, but where it is balding so where it’s thinning out, it helps bring hair back into that region and so for you know there’s a lot of regenerative purposes for it

Regan 8:44
Alright, are you done now?

Dr. Chad Johnson 8:45
No, no one other thing seven years ago when I got an Auburn accident Dr. Garg actually got a hold of me on a text and said you should have them use your PRP and put it over your burns because it’s gonna help you know heal it quicker. And you know, the hospital never brought that up. I mean, I thought it

Regan 9:09
Did you do it? Did you use it?

Dr. Chad Johnson 9:11
No. He said he sent me a video you know of them using it and I just you know, I think I was already almost healed by the time he was like, “Hey, you know have you tried the PRP?” And I was healing okay as it was but I thought it was interesting that the burn unit didn’t offer it as as a possibility. I mean, don’t you find that interesting? Listen, I loved my my hospital that took care of me did a fantastic job the nurse, Monica, I still want to give a shout out to she did a fantastic job and Angel there I mean like they they both were awesome and I brought them doughnuts at my you know whatever few months postoperative visit because they did a fantastic job from yards, my bakery the best bakery in Iowa and yeah, but after that one, I think I’m done. Now you better cut me off before I think of another tangent.

Regan 10:02
You sure.

Dr. Chad Johnson 10:03
I’m not positive

Regan 10:04
Is a great transition because you hit my passion point. How come the hospital never offered it to you as an option at that and it’s not it doesn’t have anything to do with the hospital but it does definitely hit my passion point of why don’t we know these things as as really well informed humans? Why don’t we know these things? For example, one, I am completely fascinated at how the body can heal itself, and how we as humans have come in and figured out there’s ways to help that using our own body. For example, Chad, I’ve had yeah, I have two children. first child, you know, gets a diaper rash or whatever. What do you use?

Dr. Chad Johnson 10:39
But do you remember Destin?

Regan 10:41
Destin, right, that’s attendant works? Doesn’t whatever use that. Second time around. I happen to find out magically through a friend. Did you know that since you’re a nursing, you can use breast milk and it works even better? To heal a diaper rash? No, I said I’m sorry. What? Yeah. Did you know that?

Dr. Chad Johnson 11:11
No, no idea.

Regan 11:12
Oh, it’s, it’s I called it miracle juice after that it healed any diaper rash. In fact, I lent it to friends who had kids with diaper rashes that were not like nursing. I was like, try it. A pinkeye. It helped on pinkeye, who knew at all, who, I had no idea that most,

Dr. Chad Johnson 11:19
It must be the antibodies in it.

Regan 11:22
Now, I haven’t somebody goes science it for us, I have set the lectures to see what the proof is on it or not but you know, there’s some things where I think a placebo effect could be but if you have a kid with a diaper rash, you’re going to know if something’s working or not, and you’re going to want to take care of and it was like lickety split. So that yes, that that was a fascinating, really, really opened my curiosity to understanding how the body heals itself. So PRP, I have heard anecdotally, from people in my circle. They’ve used it on hip joints, as well. So easing, easing arthritic pain, if you’ve had surgeries, different things like that and I was I was talking to someone who has a severe back injury and that was my question was, “I wonder, have they brought up PRP therapy at all?” And the answer was, “No, we don’t even know what that is.” Yeah, I think so. I’m very curious to know about it.

Dr. Chad Johnson 12:14
I think what’s interesting is this. PRP was a dentist developed.

Regan 12:20
No way.

Dr. Chad Johnson 12:21
Yeah, yeah and so, you know, like hospitals started using it, after dentistry had proven its efficacy.

Regan 12:32
So there’s, so there’s health applications to it ad there are cosmetic applications to it and so, I love

Dr. Chad Johnson 12:39
felt, I mean, some of it might be superficial health, you know, like, as far as your skin health,

Regan 12:44
Chad, yes, I love where you’re going with this.

Dr. Chad Johnson 12:48
But it’s still healthy nonetheless and when I’m saying superficial, I’m not saying like, look at my cute purse, superficial, I’m talking about just not deep into your like, it might be as surface layer as your skin, that’s still collagen rebuilding, it’s still health.

Regan 13:04
So the applications that I have seen for PRP, like you said, range from, you know, from, from the facial and the dental applications to the hip joints to I was telling you earlier to vaginal health to, to the head to hair. So I just think it’s absolutely fascinating, but I don’t hear a lot of people talking about it. So when you are, do you, mentioned off podcast, did you just apply this like you just do this as part of your services for patients? Is this something that you talk to them about? Do you charge them extra for it? Does insurance cover it? Those are some of my questions.

Dr. Chad Johnson 13:41
Great. I don’t know the answer to any of those questions. No, I’m just kidding. First off, yes, I charge the patient $20, which is quite nominal, for PRP to be drawn. Other people, you know, charge 300 bucks or whatever. My thing is, I charge you know, 20 bucks, in essence to pay for the the vials of blood and you know, like the supplies, I mean, and not even my time. I mean, you know, but the cool thing is the patient benefit is super high. I also don’t really make it an option. So when I want to use it, I just say, “You’re getting PRP, it’s $20 more,” and it’s just, you know, if someone just wants an old school extraction, and they want the cheapest, I can just I know that they’re wanting the dirty cheap version, you know, they just want the tooth pulled. Then I’ll just pull the tooth I can tell you know, or we talk about it, you know that they just want the tooth pulled. Anyone else though if it’s consideration that they want the extraction to eventually become a site where an implant will be or no one’s going to put an implant into wisdom teeth, but I’ll put it into wisdom teeth areas, so that way, you know heals up quicker. There are times when an extraction has infection in it and rather than just letting it fill with your regular blood clot, I’m going to remove the red blood cells, which are the oxygen carriers and just have it all plasma, which is the healer stuff. That’s how I overly simplify it is I’m just taking out the stuff that your body doesn’t need while it’s healing and putting in just the plasma, which is the healing stuff. So, so to answer your question, yes, I charge the patient. It’s a nominal fee, I make it pretty standard but if I’ve chosen not to, so when I say standard, it’s not 100% of the time but it’s basically something by default that we add into. So if the hygienist is planning an extraction, and we haven’t really talked about itemizing everything, they know that I want to add Medrol as an anti inflammatory unless the patient is diabetic or a few other possibilities of reasons. So by default, Medrol, I’m using as an anti inflammatory, and we are putting in PRP, whether I do an extraction with bone graft is a different story, you know, like, depending on how infected it is but if after I’ve cured taged, out, the extraction site got rid of the periodontal ligament, I’ll put in PRP, and sometimes I’ll mix the PRP in with bone graft, put that in there and then put a PRP membrane over the top and suture that down. That’s how that works. I mean, just so that way, people kind of have an idea of the nitty gritty,

Regan 16:34
I find this to be enormously compassionate of you to do it. I think there’s the I mean, I suppose if you had to have a selfish component to it, it increases the chance of healing faster, so that you’re better

Dr. Chad Johnson 16:46
Yeah, I get a better implant site. And the patient is not calling me on the weekends as much, you know, just everything about it is yeah, so one could look at it. And as you know, like, this becomes a philosophical point, right? You know, everything that you do that’s altruistic is also got a selfish motivation. “Okay, call it what you want.” You know, like, “Yes, I’m glad that the patient is feeling better and call that selfish of me.” I don’t know, it sounds silly. But no,

Regan 17:14
That is the nuance I’m trying to communicate with this PRP therapy there is I do go to business applications, obviously I do because we have to think about it from that like what what are you getting from it from the other angles of it, like I tried to see it from all angles, but to me, the way you describe it, it’s just so incredibly compassionate because you’re thinking about the patient and their entire journey with this healing process. How do we make it easier for them? How do we make it more beneficial for them? Then, you know, what does that do in turn for you? It makes it makes the site easier to navigate. I find it to be absolutely exceptional care and I don’t remember off the top of my head what your what your one-liner is or your mission statement but I remember what it is. Yeah, we slayed is God, it’s so perfect. Is that not the just perfect? Yeah. I love this. So how did you learn about PRP and then what classes did you take to put it into into play? Doesn’t sound like it’s too difficult?

Dr. Chad Johnson 18:55
No. So personally, I went to a rune Garg In Miami and I actually like so I did his coursework there on it and I want to say the actual phlebotomy stuff is a day and a half or maybe two days or something like that. It’s really not, you know, long. It’s also part of his his coursework, the continuum. So he has, for his coursework, that continuum is the first eight days it’s like two days, two days, two days, two days. So it’s four weekends of implant, implant, beginners stuff. And then he has a Master’s course which is two days, two days, two days, two days that is going over more difficult bone grafting more difficult this and that and he’s talking about platelets and bone biology and blood biology the whole time. So there’s that. I’ve also taken my assistants to when he goes to Chicago and he goes to other towns and stuff like that and he had the instructors teach it to my assistants so that way they could draw blood and that has to be approved per state and just for the Iowa listeners, it is now approved for assistants to to do the PRP, blood draw the phlebotomy part of it. Yeah, so I mean, that’s, that’s how you learn about it. What’s really cool, my cheater, I mean, I’ll give you the cheat code and put, okay, so when I do this, I use a vein light. It’s like $500, maybe six on eBay, something like that. It’s a red light, like an LED light that glows up your, your arm so you can see where veins are and even if you can see your veins really easily on my arm is really easy to see the veins, I’d still drop that vein line on there, because I want to see which way it’s running. And it glows up your arm where you can see the vein. Yeah, it’s really cool and,

Regan 21:08
What do you mean which way it’s running?

Dr. Chad Johnson 21:11
Well, just because, just because like if you see the vein, I want to, you know, kind of pull the skin from side to side and see how deep it is and I want to see, like, if there’s a spot that you see the blood vessel, what happens if it’s doing a sinusoidal curve, like a snake, and, but I can see that and then so I can, I can pull it tight and to see if I can get it straight, or I can find a spot where it’s straight, or I know that I can’t overshoot it, because you might go into the vein, and then out of the vein, because it’s on a curve, you know what I’m saying? So really, and I use that I’ve been doing it for what it is, okay. shy of 10 years, I mean, I think I might be coming up in the next few months on 10 years of doing this and, and the I still use the main light so that way I can see in the hand, I can, you know, because there are some bigger people and some people that don’t have veins that are easy to find and funny enough you are if you’re looking and tapping on the arm and tourniquet and all that stuff and you can’t find a vein get the

Regan 22:12
But they used like what they would call what is it a butterfly or a baby when they used to say your veins are so small? Yes, use this little special one and I was like, Well, what you mean, okay, whatever,

Dr. Chad Johnson 22:21
I do use a butterfly with the vein light and it’s funny by pushing with the vein-like to on the spot, you know, it’s regionally it over that those two inches, it’s kind of pushing on that area. So that way when I insert the needle, patients don’t feel it as much and here’s something I hear regularly, not not daily, are not weekly, but maybe you know, at least once or twice a month. “Why don’t hospitals use this?” And again, it goes, well, here’s the answer that I give just so that way you guys can you know, know the answer to give, but I don’t know, you know, I just say, “Here’s the deal, the phlebotomus They do 10,000 of these a month, I do I do one or two a day and so this is the equalizer. This helps me, you know, like to when, when I’m doing it. I’m as good as they’re doing it.” They kind of gives a little bit of credit to them but I think it’s a pride politically, it’s a very politically correct answer and I mean, you know, you know what, people don’t go, “Oh, I don’t buy that,” but, you know, I know people don’t say that, you know, so they must be like, “Okay,” I guess I’m just, you know, just saying, “listen, most of the time, If you did the, if you did 1000 of these, you know, a week, you probably don’t need this. I don’t I do one or two a day.” So it’s just nice to be able to have this because it makes me good every time. It’s like bowling with bumpers and they get that you know, so it just becomes easy for people to understand. It’s just like, I could bowl but when I put these up, then it doesn’t matter how bad I am. It just makes a bad person better and you know, I’m glad this went well, because they’re like, you know, I’m a hard stick I they always have to, you know, bring in people and then I’ll get it on the first or third time or you know, who knows? And they’ll be like, “Wow, that actually was really good. You’re pretty good at this,” and I’m like, “I am a doctor.” No, I’m just kidding. I don’t say that.

Regan 24:15
You say it. I also been on TV. So do you do any sort of like public marketing? Do you, do you talk about the benefits? Are you nervous about stating the benefits? Like you said, there’s no science on necessarily the bone healing but the soft tissue is this. How do you because this could be a great competitive differentiator when it comes to your marketing?

Dr. Chad Johnson 24:36
Correct. We don’t really use it as external meaning like I don’t promote it outside like, “Hey, come to us we use PRP.” I do wish that I could have a shirt that says PRP, you know me, I really want to do that. But

Regan 24:56
You’re not going to be at the workshop this March. I

Dr. Chad Johnson 24:59
I know oh, and if I could just get a t shirt, I don’t know, maybe that’s my birthday gift from my team this year. As you know, everyone wears PRP PRP, I, you know me who’s down with PRP and, but the, the I went when the patients are in there, I explain it to them really simple. I just go, “Here’s the deal. So we’re going to pull this tooth, I’m going to draw your blood and we’re going to spin that blood in the centrifuge here. 10 minutes later, I’m going to put it back in the extraction site and that’s going to make your wisdom teeth heal all the quicker and it’s going to reduce our chances of infection and dry socket,” and they’re like, “No kidding. No, hold. No, hold on, though. I don’t like is that is that like, you know, going to be an extra $500?” “No, it’s $20,” and they go, “Oh, oh, shoot,” and I honestly think I could charge $80 And people would be like, “Oh, okay.” You know, that these days, even $80. I mean, you know, that’s that’s a meal for two right, you know, someplace. So like, that’s still I

Regan 26:00

Dr. Chad Johnson 26:03
Okay, Miss Seattle. Come come to Burger King in Iowa and I’ll buy it at dollar two. I’m just playing around but how’s that? So funny? I don’t know. But, uh, yeah. But yeah, so I basically just say, “Here’s the, here’s the deal, no big deal. Financially, it’s 20 bucks.” Honestly, I don’t I don’t even balk at it. If people said, you know, I don’t want that. It’s like, “Okay, you know, like, I, yeah,” you know, I might on a good day, just say, “Tell you what, no big deal, I’ll just even give it to you because, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s really, it might be self-serving.” It’s just like, “No, please let me let you heal quicker.” You know, if someone had a qualm with, you know, like, “I really hate having my blood drawn fine.” I’m not going to twist your arm, you know, like, I’m going to put a tourniquet on it, but no,

Regan 26:57
I’ll make all right.

Dr. Chad Johnson 26:58
So if someone really hated the idea, or they sure answered it, but it’s just like, “Listen, I’m just trying to help you heal better if you want to save the 20 bucks, go for it,” you know, like, but, and I don’t know, I just can’t recall someone declining it. So and they really shouldn’t, my PRP is a bargain, you know? Yeah. And I put it around extraction sites we talked about that I put it into. So what you can do is use you stir it for about, you know, let’s say 10 minutes or even 20 minutes, some sometimes you really have to stir it for quite a while to get the concentrate that you need. Because it turns out liquidy on top, the yellow stuff turns out liquidy Yeah, you want it to be firmer and sometimes it just doesn’t firm up. So you put it in for more stirs and whatnot but about three minutes in, you can pull it out and it’s separated enough that you can pipe it out a little bit and then mix it in with your bone graft material and then stir the rest of it. So you’ve, that makes you some sticky bone, the bone is kind of coagulated together, it sticks together, so that way you can put it in in one clump, which is really nice to be able to put it in procedurally in one clump, and, and then the remainder, like, you know, if you just siphoned off half a cc one cc, something like that to mix in with your one cc of bone, then you’ve got still you know, just about one to one and a half cc’s of of bone graft slash PRP mixed together and it’s sticky bone, you put it in the, in the socket or wherever you’re, you know, the deficient bone spot and then you can use the remaining couple cc’s of plasma that’s now hardened up and when you’re done stirring it the last seven minutes, so you know, 10 minutes total, for example, you’ve taken some out of three minutes, you stir the rest at the 10-minute mark, you take it out, and you press it and you can put a membrane over the top. So that way the bone graft material stays down in there. It’s tamped down with a suture and then the gingiva grow over the top and not, not down into the extraction site. Wow. Yeah. That’s my technique.

Regan 29:19
Sticky bone is the coolest band name. So I want you to call up doctor, how do you say his name? Jason estop yet?

Dr. Chad Johnson 29:25
Sabihin, yes, Fabien Yeah,

Regan 29:28
We need to call Jason and tell him immediately new band names T-Bone. Yep. Second that reads like a Julia Child recipe first. It really does because what it brought me over for another seven minutes. Well listen, I am a great cake baker and the way she ate her recipe separates the eggs. So you whip the heck out of the whites and then your ribbon the yolks and then you put them back together whereas American cake recipes you know, you just dumped the egg right in there so you’re not separating it out and that’s exactly what my where my brain went some of the non Dental brain. I saw that as as a recipe very well.

Dr. Chad Johnson 30:04
What did she use to say this glorious? What was her word?

Regan 30:08
She used to say bon appetit, but I don’t remember what it was.

Dr. Chad Johnson 30:12
It was either, you know, fantastic, glorious, marvelous, marvelous. There’s stupendous there was some word that she always would say, you know, I don’t know.

Regan 30:21
I don’t know. Let me text my husband. He loves Julia Child. I’ll ask him

Dr. Chad Johnson 30:25
look at it. You just outed him.

Regan 30:29
I really did. Yeah. All of his work. He’s the best chef. I know that that’ll make up.

Dr. Chad Johnson 30:39
All right, fair enough and if anyone thinks this Chad in Iowa, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Listen, if you’re listening to this podcast, Bruce Baird uses PRP too. He calls it PRF. So, you’ll hear you know, if he says, “Yeah, you just throw that in there.” It’s true. I’ve seen him use it in his office. He’s in love with it just as well. So don’t think of this as just a Chad thing of you. If you know surgery people, man I tell you what, if you’re doing a sinus, you any sinus work, you have to be able to, you know, drop PRP, and use that as a membrane cover. You know, it makes stuff he’ll just so quickly. It’s just

Regan 31:18
I look forward to the marketing campaign around it because it’s we slay disease and I think this is a really, really good tangible example that lay people who are not dentists can understand and it’s a great demonstration of you. Showing your compassion in your care for others. Great live cast.

Dr. Chad Johnson 31:36
Yeah. Well, listeners, get yourself a centrifuge. Go to a course to and get a vein light, you know, go to a course to kind of learn some of the stuff that you learned with IV care in dental school and and start applying it. Shout out to Maggie Augustan, who has recently started using it as well And she’s now in love with it. So yay, matchy. Oh, you too will be in love with

Regan 32:07
Yep. All right, we’ll see you next week. Thank you for listening to another episode of Everyday Practices Podcast. Chad and I are here every week. Thanks to our community of listeners just like you and we’d love your help. It would mean the world if you can help spread the word by sharing this episode with a fellow dentist and leave us a review on iTunes or Spotify. Do you have an extraordinary story you’d like to share or feedback on how we can make this podcast even more awesome? Drop us an email at and don’t forget to check out our other podcasts from Productive Dentist Academy at See you next week.

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