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“96% of dentists struggle to retire and maintain their lifestyle.”

– American Dental Association (ADA)

Just like a dental patient, the health of your business requires a comprehensive approach for optimal results.

As a dentist and business owner, you wear many hats. From clinician to CEO to everything in between, your focus and energy are put to the test. Success requires support.

The PDA Way is a custom tailored methodology designed to surface which levers to pull in what order so you achieve the results you value the most. Walk into the practice with confidence, knowing you are building long-term value your future self will thank you for.

Are you eager to…

  • Grow a practice that supports your dreams
  • Break free from the chains of insurance
  • Unleash the power of delegation and team accountability
  • Provide a seamless patient experience
  • Elevate the standard of care and be recognized as a leader in your community

Applying the PDA Way integrated approach to your dental practice provides you with the business strategy, tools, systems and guidance to achieve your vision of success.

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Dr. Sam Moss & Dr. Victoria Peterson
Episode 49 – I have a (Dental) Dream with Dr. Sam Moss

All my friends told me I had lost my mind. But I had a dream.”

Dr. Sam Moss, PDA Member

Learn how PDA helps dentists:

  • Breathe life into your dreams
  • Leverage the power of team support
  • Take your practice from good to great

The PDA Way Provides Dentists With:


Dr. Edward Lee
Dr. Richard Lee

“Knowing your strengths and leaning into expert support is the most efficient way to grow your practice.”

– Dr. Edward Lee and Dr. Richard Lee | Brooklyn, NY

Business Advisory For Dentists:

Lead Desired Change with Purpose, Process, and Practice

  • High Performance Business Strategy
  • Enable Team to Accelerate Success
  • Effective Communication for Case Acceptance

PDA’s certified business and communication consultants act as strategic thinking partners to pinpoint the clear opportunities in your practice today:

  • PDA ANALYTICS: Identify areas that massively improve productivity and efficiency
  • CASH-FLOW ANALYSIS: Go beyond the break-even struggle for consistent year over year growth
  • BUSINESS STRATEGY: Harness lead indicators to get out of day-to-day and into forecasting
  • COMMUNICATION: Navigate risk factors, diagnosis, and treatment planning so patients say yes to care

PDA Business Advisory supports growing a financially sound and enjoyable practice. Using a comprehensive consulting approach, we team up alongside you to co-create a custom roadmap incorporating revenue cycle management, tracking, overhead expense control, and communication techniques guaranteed to give you the growth you deserve.

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Dental Team Development:

Empower Productive Outcomes to Elevate The Patient Experience

Do you find yourself struggling with team miscommunication, accountability, drama, and turnover?

One of the most tedious and mentally draining areas to overcome as a dentist is team commitment. By investing in team development you are preparing your team with skills and knowledge to accomplish your goals faster.

PDA Business Advisors provide dental practice owners with coaching, training, systems, and communication techniques to drive a dream team invested in one goal: exceptional patient care.

  • SKILLS TRAINING: Scheduling, collections, and compliance
  • CLINICAL CALIBRATION: Skyrocket co-diagnosis and treatment acceptance
  • PRODUCTIVE MINDSET: Behaviors that create a seamless 5-star patient experience

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Deni Hall
Episode 146 – Motivate Your Dental Team by Actively Listening with Deni Hall
Dr. Nikki Green
Episode 67 – Your Dream & Your Team With Dr. Nikki Green

Sara Hansen
Episode 148 – Be a Dental Marketing Champion with Sara Hansen
Matt Hutchings
Episode 90 – Authentic Marketing with Matt Hutchings

Dental Marketing Services:

Attract Patients Perfect For Your Philosophy Of Care

You are a a gifted clinician with advanced training in procedures that mean the most to you. But if you fail to communicate value in a way that patients understand, you miss out on a major opportunity to serve.

When it comes to marketing your practice, the size of your budget does not dictate your amount of success.

Using a layered approach, PDA’s marketing services provides patient attraction strategy that sticks — regardless of the size of your practice. Build local buzz, showcase an authentic online presence, and build credibility and recognition with integrity.

We combine scientifically driven data with marketing experts to develop authentic, targeted marketing solutions. Using this approach makes case acceptance increase and word of mouth referrals skyrocket.

  • MARKETING STRATEGY: Fresh, innovative approaches to expand your reach
  • AUTHENTIC MESSAGING: Showcase your brilliance as your #1 competitive advantage
  • MEDIA DOMINATION: Be easy to find and connect with patients who need you the most
  • LEAD CONVERSION: Team integration for improved new patient conversion and referrals

Before you build your new dental practice website, buy an SEO package, direct mail campaign or radio advertisement, call us!

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Grow Your Investment Grade Business in 3 Steps

Diagnose the Health of your Practice
Understand the Risk Factors and Measurable Targets
Activate a Comprehensive Treatment Plan