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Everyday Practices Dental Podcast

The Everyday Practices Dental Podcast follows Regan Robertson and Dr. Chad Johnson as they interview dental professionals – from industry greats to the dentist across the street – about everything related to dentistry and practice ownership from productivity, to finances, best practices for patient interaction, personal habits and health, leadership and team building skills, and more.

Episode 18 – The Man in the Mirror with Deidra Bentley
With a background in communications and bank finances, Deidra joined the world of dentistry when her husband, a practicing dentist...
Episode 17 – The Dentist Wears Gucci with Dr. Ryan Oakely and Dr. Ron Miller
Yes. Dr. Ryan Oakley is wearing Gucci shoes in today’s episode. So we kick off (pun intended) today’s episode with Dr. Oakely...
Episode 16 – If at First You Don’t Succeed, Look at What the Data Says with Chris Moriarity (Part 2)
In the second part of Chad’s conversation with Chris Moriarity, VP of Client Development at Productive Dentist Academy, we dive...
Episode 15 – If at First You Don’t Succeed, Look at What the Data Says with Chris Moriarity (Part 1)
“There are things about your practice that you feel in your gut that just don’t seem right,” says today’s guest Chris...
Episode 14 – Sleep on It with Dr. Kent Smith
One of the original PDA doctors, Dr. Kent Smith is the Clinical Director of Sleep Dallas and runs two sleep practices in the...
Episode 11: Hacking Away at Everyday Practices with Dr. Alan Mead
Dr. Alan Mead from the Dental Hacks Podcast is our guest this week and, oh my gosh, did we have a great time with him! Most people...
Episode 13: Courageous Conversations with Katherine Eitel Belt
The formidable Katherine Eitel Belt from LionSpeak joins Victoria and Chad this week for a courageous conversation about...
Episode 12: Retirement Minded with Dr. Joe Valenzi
Today’s guest, Dr. Joe Valenzi, practiced for 38 years before selling his practice and retiring. A wealth of knowledge and...
Episode 10 – Cross Training (On Steroids) with Dr. Colin Lathrop
Dr. Colin Lathrop thinks differently. Five years ago, Dr. Lathrop opened his practice from scratch and has since doubled and...
Episode 9 – Better Not Risk-Factor It with Sharlene Dean
Today’s guest, Sharlene Dean, MSCCJ, NRCMA, EMT Implementation Specialist at Vasolabs, is an educator who helps train dentists...
Episode 8 – Who Are You, Really? with Dr. Dave Diehl
Dr. Dave Diehl is a dentist and business owner who has been practicing for 19 years. A member of AADSM and CEREC, Dr. Diehl’s...
Episode 7 – When the Wheels Fall Off (And How to Get Them Back On) with Dr. Nikki Green
Today’s guest, Dr. Nikki Green, is a practicing dentist with 16 years’ clinical experience who has owned and operated her own...