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Everyday Practices Dental Podcast

The Everyday Practices Dental Podcast follows Regan Robertson and Dr. Chad Johnson as they interview dental professionals – from industry greats to the dentist across the street – about everything related to dentistry and practice ownership from productivity, to finances, best practices for patient interaction, personal habits and health, leadership and team building skills, and more.

Episode 147 -Toxic Dental Leadership (And How to Break the Habit) with Dr. Danny Nguyen
“Are you really leading if you’re walking in front but no one is following you?” -Dr. Danny Nguyen The surest way to...
Episode 146 – Motivate Your Dental Team by Actively Listening with Deni Hall
“With Active Listening I have to put my own agenda aside and listen to what they want and need. If I can do that, then I can...
Episode 145 – The Why Behind Dental Business Goals with Deni Hall
“When it looks out over the horizon, your brain is looking for ways to prove you right…so what are you telling your brain?”...
Episode 144 – Turning Your Dental Passion into Profits with Dr. Bridget Lervick
“It took a long time to go this direction, but I’m doing what I love.” -Dr. Bridget Lervick Are you listening to where your...
Replay – In Control of Your Dental Practice Dreams with Dr. Darren Webber
“You can’t just dream and hope that it happens.” -Dr. Darren Webber So many dentists find themselves in “OK”. Things are...
Episode 141 – When Dental Risks Bite Back
“Let me be honest, I did not have a great year. It’s not a happy ending, but it’s worth learning about.” ~Dr. Chad Johnson...
Episode 140 – At Your Dental Patient’s Service
“Sometimes I’m so go, go, go, go that I forget to be in relationship with people. But, when I go back to basics, I am here to...
Episode 139 – Why Dentists Need a Thinking Partner with Deni Hall
“A thinking partner is someone who challenges your thinking and causes you to modify and change your paradigm or assumptions so...
Episode 138 – I Had a Rotten Tooth with Tom Latourette
We have a very special episode for you today. As you probably know, one of the tenants of Productive Dentist Academy is Doing Good...
Episode 137 – Innovations in Dentistry with Dr. Bruce B. Baird
“I’m intrigued by new technology and, boy, is dentistry changing rapidly. And I feel an obligation to the doctors who attend...
Episode 136 – Tuning Your Dental Team
“Every piano needs tuning. You can have an awesome piano that’s in tune, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to...
Episode 135 – Preventing Burnout in Dentistry with Dr. Victoria Peterson & Dr. Joe Blalock
“Our minds never shut off. Because we have our phones and our social media etc. it never shuts down and it can be...