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Everyday Practices Dental Podcast

The Everyday Practices Dental Podcast follows Regan Robertson and Dr. Chad Johnson as they interview dental professionals – from industry greats to the dentist across the street – about everything related to dentistry and practice ownership from productivity, to finances, best practices for patient interaction, personal habits and health, leadership and team building skills, and more.

Episode 156 – Treat the Disease Not Just the Damage (Part 2) with Dr. Kim Kutsch
“We have patients saying ‘can I just use this every day for the rest of my life?’” -Dr. Kim Kutsch Do you want what’s...
Episode 155 – Treat the Disease Not Just the Damage (Part 1) with Dr. Kim Kutsch
“We need to look at the patient as a whole and look at what caused that disease.” -Dr. Kim Kutsch That’s the way we’ve...
Episode 154 – An Underlying Current of Care with Dr. Shawn Knorr
“Your practice is about the relationships you create.” -Dr. Shawn Knorr A lot of people aspire to be like Dr. Shawn Knorr....
Episode 153 – From Stressed Dentist to Prosperous Practice with Dr. Austin Whetten
“Instead of just being productive myself as a doctor, we needed to be productive as a whole team.” -Dr. Austin Whetten...
Episode 152 – Building a Dental Legacy with Dr. Rebekah Browder
“I want to leave behind something positive. It’s my job to take the days I have and improve the lives of those around me.”...
Episode 151 – How to Change Your Dental Practice with Dr. Charles Major, Jr.
“If you want to change your practice, change your life, you need to go to PDA.” -Dr. Charles Major, Jr.  It’s not what...
Episode 150 – Special Extended Episode: Our Top 3 Dental Practice Tips
“These practices aren’t just reserved for the top 1% of dentists. Everyday dentists are doing these things and building...
Episode 149 – Getting Your Dental Team on Board with Marketing with Sara Hansen
“Your team is an extension of you. They represent you and your brand with the patients.” -Sara Hansen Most of your patients...
Episode 148 – Be a Dental Marketing Champion with Sara Hansen
“The why is important because marketing is about connection and trust.” -Sara Hansen If the patient doesn’t feel like...
Episode 147 -Toxic Dental Leadership (And How to Break the Habit) with Dr. Danny Nguyen
“Are you really leading if you’re walking in front but no one is following you?” -Dr. Danny Nguyen The surest way to...
Episode 146 – Motivate Your Dental Team by Actively Listening with Deni Hall
“With Active Listening I have to put my own agenda aside and listen to what they want and need. If I can do that, then I can...
Episode 145 – The Why Behind Dental Business Goals with Deni Hall
“When it looks out over the horizon, your brain is looking for ways to prove you right…so what are you telling your brain?”...