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Everyday Practices Dental Podcast

The Everyday Practices Dental Podcast follows Regan Robertson and Dr. Chad Johnson as they interview dental professionals – from industry greats to the dentist across the street – about everything related to dentistry and practice ownership from productivity, to finances, best practices for patient interaction, personal habits and health, leadership and team building skills, and more.

Episode 114 – When Your Plans Hit the Fan: A Year in Reflection
Today we get real. When your plans hit the fan, what do you do? Today, Regan and Chad bring the first part of a two episode...
Episode 113 – The Power of Clinical Mentorship with Patti Sooy (Part 2)
“When you see something in action, you see what’s possible and that your goals ARE attainable.” Many dentists spend time and...
Episode 112 – The Power of Clinical Mentorship with Patti Sooy
How would you feel if you knew a patient flew out of state to have a procedure done that you could do? And the reason they left...
Episode 111 – Planning Your Dreams with Dr. Darren Webber
“You can’t just dream and hope that it happens,” says Dr. Darren Webber. In practice for 12 years, Dr. Webber was doing...
Episode 110 – Your Leadership Backbone with Dr. Nikki Green
A hot topic in dentistry right now is how do you discover your backbone as a leader. Says Dr. Nikki Green, “It had to start with...
Episode 109 – When Life Hands You Lemons…Pivot! with Dr. Brian Toorani
 “The one thing I knew how to do and was focused on my whole life was taken away, and I had to find an alternative,” says...
Episode 108 – Mindset & Accountability with Dr. Devin Giron
What are you allowing into your headspace? Who are you allowing in your headspace? With several states ramping up shutdowns,...
Episode 107 – Get Your Mojo Back with Dr. Sarina Tinnel
“I had lost my internal motivation and leadership skills; I was stressed and spinning my wheels. That’s why I like to say this...
Episode 106 – A Dentist Worth Following with Dr. Tessa Miller
“She already sounds like a leader I would want to follow,” says co-host Dr. Chad Johnson of today’s special guest Dr. Tessa...
Episode 105 – Another Secret to Practice Growth with Dr. Dwight Peccora
“I think the most important thing is to passionately know your community and know there is a purpose to serve,” says special...
Episode 104 – The Secret to Practice Growth with Dr. Dwight Peccora
“The secret to our growth is we focused on building an incredible team, who just happens to do dentistry,” says Dr. Dwight...
Episode 103 – Mastering the Art of Dentistry with Dr. Rich Lee & Dr. Eddie Lee
“They are forward-thinking doctors who are mastering the art of todays revenue with tomorrows’ vision,” says Productive...